Dr Chang Liu


​Lecturer in Finan​​ce      

Department: Accounting, Economics and Finance
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2041 6416
Email Address: cliu@cardiffmet.ac.uk

My main research interest is within the area of corporate finance and accounting, specialized in structure finance. I examined the financial decision of companies who securitize their assets during the PhD research, investigating effect of asset securitization on cost of capital, on risk and on share price. Further research interests include capital structure, risk management, business accounting and effect of financial decisions on stock market.

Since joint UWIC on September 2008, I have been focused on teaching and fitting myself in the new environment, but more​ time and energy has been allocated in research activity recently. The current credit crunch due to the collapse of securitization market provides materials in this area to work with more than ever. 

There are problems hidden in the process of securitization, such as over-borrowing, the off balance sheet finance issue, the cointegration between securitization market and stock market, fully exposed during the financial crisis. All of these attract attention from academic side, and I am one of them. Currently, I am working on a number of projects with other researchers, including three papers from my PhD study, and a new one also in the area of securitization.​