Dr Esyin Chew

​Senior Lecturer in Information Systems

Department:  Computing and Information Systems
Telephone No:  +44(0)29 2041 6249
Email Address:  echew@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Dr Esyin Chew is an interdisciplinary academic working with humanoid robots that enhanced assessment and feedback in education and healthcare. Before joining Cardiff Metropolitan University, she was the Co-ordinator for the Master in Business Information Systems programme and a Senior Lecturer in IT at Monash University Malaysia. Esyin was an independent academic consultant prior to Monash, a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), University of South Wales and a Lecturer in the Faculty of Computer Science and IT, University of Malaya.

Specialising in robotic apps design and educational technologies, Esyin provides academic consultancy and training workshops for a wide range of educational innovations such as Turnitin & GradeMark, personal response systems, learning spaces and flipped classroom. She facilitated institutional blended learning implementation, staff development and TEL best practices / policy development for higher education. With the teaching excellence and educational research contribution, she is granted the Fellow status of the UK Higher Education Academy since 2011. Esyin is invited as a reviewer for various indexed journals and international conferences. Prior to her academic career, Esyin was a software engineer in Acer Group Malaysia and e-Business Ltd, contributing to the development of the first Malaysia online banking system and Acer web-based EIS system in late 1990s.  

With the academic and industrial engagement, Esyin is an active researcher who has led a few government, universities and industrial funded projects from EU, Australia, Malaysia and UK. Esyin supervised PhD and master students with a particular interest in robotics and analytics. In addition, she enjoys playing with two daughters and serving God by serving others.


Key Research Area

Project Funding Year Role and Team

eRobot Dewey for Language Learning




STELA Lab Research:

Seamless Technologies Enhanced Learning & Assessment

    • Seamless Learning framework
    • Assessment and Feedback model in Malaysia
    • Technologies: Humanoid robot, mobile devices and smart glasses


Cardiff Interdisciplinary Research Grant




Monash University Malaysia: VITAL and School Research Fund






2015 - 2016

Project Leader

Co-investigator:  Dr Nikolaos Konstantakis, School of Education, Cardiff Metropolitan University


Project Leader


Research lab members: Dr Jen Nee Lim Jones, Bee Guan Teo, Catherine Hiew, Nicholas Wong, Alena Tan, Xin Ni Chua & Weng Han Ho (Monash University Malaysia)


Co-supervisors of PhD students:

A/Professor Judith Sheard, Dr Jojo Wong

(Monash University Australia);

A/Professor Rajendran Pathiban (Monash University Malaysia); Professor David Mellor (Deakin University, Australia)

Suhakam Goes Digital with Monash

Human Rights Commission of Malaysia: Suhakam  


Monash University Malaysia


Project Leader


Team members: Pei Hsi Lee, Joseph Jerald, Dayalan, S. Raju, Syafeek Ikhwan, Wan Norhafizah Bt Junid (Suhakam); Dr Anuja Dharmaratne;  Dr Jojo Wong, (Monash University) 

When Clickers meets Socrative: a student experience project for personal response systemMonash University Australia: PVC's L&T Office Better Teaching Better Learning Small Grant2015-2016

Project Leader / Principle Investigator



A/Professor Deepti Mishra (Norwegian University Of Science And Technology);

Dr Jojo Wong, (Monash University Australia) 

iCONNECT for EU-SEA e-Plagiarism Battle: EUSEA - iCONNECT


FP7 CONNECT2SEA: Connecting ICT in Europe and South East Asia, ICT Cooperation Grant2015

Project Investigator / SEA Project Coordinator


EU Project Coordinator & PI:  Dr Gill Rowell, Turnitin Europe


Project Members: academics and industrial members from UK, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Pedagogy for Electronics and Electrical Engineering / Information Technology Education in Malaysia in the 21st Century


Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)



Principal Investigator


Co-investigator: Dr Vineetha Kalavally (Monash University Malaysia)

Sounds Good or Reads Well? Enhancing Assessment and Feedback Experience with online Audio and Text Feedback


Monash University Australia PVC's L&T Office Better Teaching Better Learning (BTBL) Small Grant2014

Project Leader / Principal Investigator


Co-investigator: Dr Jen Nee Lim Jones (Monash University Malaysia)


Enhancing international student experience with innovative assessment and feedback on postgraduate Economics studies at Glamorgan


iLExSIG – International Learners' Experiences of e-learning Special Interest Group

The UK Higher Education Academy (HEA) Economics Network


RAE Funding


UK HEA-ELESIG small grant and Research Assessment Exercise Grant

2010 - 2011

Project Leader


Collaborator: Helena Snee (University of South Wales, UK)


Turn it in or Turn it off? A Collaborative Pilot Project for Turnitin/Grademark Experience at Glamorgan


Turnitin UK (iParadigm Ltd)


Glamorgan Sandpit Education Research Grant

2009 - 2010

Project Leader / Principal Investigator



Dr Trevor Price, Faculty of Advanced Technology; Dr Colin Rogers, Faculty of Health, Sport and Science; Kim Blakey;  Norah Noblett, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; Dr Ana Martins; Dr Isabel Martins, Glamorgan Business School (University of South Wales)

Biometric Authentication for E-Commerce.


Ministry of Education Malaysia Research Vote: PJP Research2005

Project Leader

Flipped Classroom: A cover up for Die hard Traditional TeachingMonash University Malaysia: VITAL2014 - 2015



Project leader: Dr Jen Nee Lim Jones (Monash University Malaysia)


Flipped learning in Asian RegionMonash University Malaysia Campus BTBL Grant2016

Ad hoc collaborator


Project leader: Dr Vineetha Kalavally,

Dr Varghese Swamy (Monash University Malaysia)


Gwella Programme – Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Technology in Welsh Higher Education (Glamorgan)


The UK Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) funded2008-2011

Senior Lecturer in Technology Enhanced Learning, Teaching & Assessment


Project Investigator: Haydn Blackey (University of South Wales)

Project Members: CELT team (University of South Wales)


Other selected research and professional activities:

  • Academic consultant and evaluator for various academic projects (Professional Blended Course with BDA, Turnitin/GradeMark, Flipped Classroom, Learning Space and Blended Learning) in public and private universities in Malaysia and UK (2011- up-to-date)
  • Invited key speaker/trainer for workshop, research conference and academic development, eg: 2017 Trends in Holistic Education Symposium Asia (Aug 2017); Invited Speaker (16 Aug 2017) From blended learning theory to practical:  mobile educational technologies enhanced assessment and feedback  (part of the academic staff development CEED module), Campus Education Excellence, Monash University Malaysia; invited speaker in the 25th MEIPTA meeting that consists of 22 public local universities e-learning heads/heads of education management/heads of academic development (July 2015); invited trainer to University of Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) for Academic Training in Seamless Technology Enhanced Assessment (Dec 2015); 2nd Blended Learning Symposium, USCI University (Nov 2013); invited speaker for Turnitin, Quality Conference, University of Wales (Aug 2011) 
  • Reviewer of the Journal of Computers and Education (2012-to date)
  • Reviewer of the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology (2012-to date)
  • Reviewer of the ASCILITE 2016 (Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education): 016: 33rd International Conference on Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education (2016)
  • Article Editor, Sage Open Manuscript Publication (2015 – to-date)
  • Review Committee of the Tenth International Conference on Design Science, Research and Information System and Technology, Dublin, Ireland (2015).
  • Reviewer and Committee member of the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th,15th European e-Learning Conference, Portugal, UK, Netherland, France, Czech Republic (2010-to date).
  • Editorial Board Member and Reviewer for the 6th International Plagiarism Conference, UK (2014).
  • Reviewer of the First Telemedicine Conference, Malaysia (2015)
  • Reviewer of the 4th,5th & 6th International Plagiarism Conference, UK. (2010, 2012, 2014) 
  • Reviewer of the Journal of Applied Research, Emerald Insight, UK. (2009-2011)
  • Reviewer of the 7th International Conference on Information Integration and Web Based Applications & Services             (iiWAS), Kuala Lumpur. (2005)
  • Executive Editor, Journal of Problem-based Learning in Electronic Journal University of Malaya (EJUM). (2004-2005)
  • Editor and Reviewer of the Joint International Conference Proceedings on Informatics and Research Women in ICT Kuala Lumpur. (2004)

Government, Media and Public Engagement

Follow me:  https://twitter.com/EsyinChew

Chew, E. (2017) What are the implications of artificial intelligence?  In Love and War, "Written Evidence, UK Parliament Artificial Intelligence Select Committee's Publications

The Star (2016) Technology enhanced Education.



New Straight Time (2016) Sealing Ties with Suhakam:  Nao Humanoid Robot.  Malaysia New Straight Time Newspaper.

SUHAKAM goes digital with Monash (2015) NAO Robot made a special appearance at a SUHAKAM ATHAM Comic Launch Event https://www.facebook.com/monashmalaysia/posts/1024877574197741

Bradley, D (2014) Seven rules for academic social software users, Science Spot.



Selected Publications

See further details from Google scholar citation

A. Journal Articles, Book Chapters and LNCS Book Series

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B. Selected Conference Proceedings and Presentations

  1. Wong, N. W. H., Chew, E. & Wong, J. S-M. (2017). A review of educational robotics and the need for real-world learning analytics. Paper presented at the 14th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARCV),  Phuket, Thailand 13 November 2016.  DOI: 10.1109/ICARCV.2016.7838707 (CORE Ranked A; ISI indexed conference proceedings)
  2. Chew, E., Lee, P.H., Dharmaratne, A., Chen, B. W. and Raju, D. S. (2016) SUHAKAM - Going Digital  with Monash, The 3rd Asian Symposium on Human Rights Education 4-6 Aug 2016, Fukuoka, Japan (CD Conference Proceedings).
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Awards and Recognition

  • Welsh Crucible (2017) Award-winning programme of personal, professional and leadership development for the future research leaders of Wales.
  • Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning from the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University Australia; Faculty nominee for the Vice Chancellor's Citation Award (2015).  
  • Best Lecturer Awards in the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University Malaya, in Academic year 2005/2006, 2004/2005, 2003/2004.
  • Bronze Prize, the National Invention, Innovation and Design Competition: Innovation of Healthcare starts from OK Glass (2015).
  • Bronze prize, the UiTM Teaching Aid Competition: The use of BYOD with Socrative and Clickers.
  • Best Poster Presentation: Enhancing international student experience with innovative assessment and feedback (EiSEAF) with Vygotsky's ZPD, The Elsevier's Computer-Aided Learning Conference  – Learning Futures: Education, Technology & Sustainability, UK (2011).
  • Gold Medal awards in University of Malaya, Research, Design and Innovation Expo: Mutually-Beneficial iE-E Seeker, A Web Intelligent Matching Using Multi- Dimensional Case-Based Reasoning (2006).
  • Silver Medal Awards in University of Malaya: 100 years Research, Design and Innovation Expo: Easy Voice Authentication System v.10 for e-Commerce (2005).
  • PhD in Blended Learning - Full Scholarship by University of South Wales (2006-2008).
  • MSc (Hons) in Computers Science – Tutorship and Tuition Fee Waived by University of Malaya (2002-2003).