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Dr Hephzibah Egede

Dr Hephzibah Egede

​Senior Lecturer in Law, Programme Director

Department: Business, Management and Law
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2041 6321

Dr Hephzibah Egede is a dual qualified lawyer with admissions in Nigeria, and in England and Wales.

She is the LLB programme director and Collaborative Provision Field Chair at the Cardiff School of Management, Cardiff Metropolitan University. Prior to joining the academia, she practised as a corporate-commercial lawyer in the leading Nigerian commercial law firm of Chris Ogunbanjo & Co and as contract lawyer with Mobil Producing Nigeria, an upstream subsidiary of ExxonMobil.

Before she joined Cardiff Metropolitan University, Hephzibah worked as senior lecturer in law at the University of Buckingham, and as co-director for the University of Buckingham Centre for Extractive

Energy Studies (UBCEES). She also worked as visiting lecturer in International Comparative Oil and Gas Law at the Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham and as LLM tutor at the Cardiff Law School, Cardiff University.

Hephzibah's publications in energy law include a co-authored briefing paper for the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs on the Legal Implications of the Nord Stream Project and an article in the Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law on new oil and gas legal and contractual arrangements for the Niger Delta oil communities. Hephzibah has also acted as a coinvestigator with Prof RG Lee (principal investigator) on the Law and Your Environment project funded by the UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA) which delivered a public access website to improve access to environmental law information in the United Kingdom.

Hephzibah also researches in reproductive health care rights, health equity and gender equality. Her doctoral thesis focused on the social stigmatisation of involuntary childless women in Sub-Saharan African countries. She has published work on shrouded gender and reproductive issues in child welfare and protection proceedings. Hephzibah has participated in expert groups including an expert meeting "Social Aspects of Accessible Infertility Care in Developing Countries" organised by the ESHRE Special Task Force on "Developing countries and infertility" and at the WWAFE House of Lord Seminar Series – Women in the World: Making A World for Women. 


Research Interests

Energy Law and Environmental Regulation

Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability

Health Equity, Widening Access to Medicine and Health Care

Reproductive Health Care Rights and Reproductive Justice

Legal Regulation and New Technologies

Research Groups, Centres and Projects

Cardiff Met Distributive Technology and Future Society (DFTS) Hub

University of Buckingham Centre for Extractive Energy Studies (UBCEES)

RG Lee, T Egede, Scoping Study and the Development of a Public Access E-Library to increase

accessibility to environmental law information. Evidence/Output: Law and Your Environment website

Research Students

I welcome enquiries from prospective students in energy and environmental law especially in the intersection between energy law and environmental regulation, climate change and environmental sustainability. I can also supervise research in health equity, widening access to medicine and health care, reproductive health care rights and reproductive justice.

I have successfully supervised several dissertations at the undergraduate and master's level. At the University of Buckingham, I successfully supervised to completion the following PhD students :- Dr Grace Atsegwasi (Lecturer, Sandwell College) (Role: first supervisor) and Dr Francesca Anene (Lecturer, Open University, Nigeria) (Role: second supervisor). I am currently supervising two doctoral students and have acted as examiner for PhD viva voce examinations at the University of Buckingham (Internal Examiner, 2018) and at the Aberdeen Law School, University of Aberdeen (External Examiner, 2020).


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(Report for the European Parliament) EP/EXPO/B/AFET/2008/02 PE 388.930 EN.

T Egede, RG Lee Banking and the Environment: Not Liability but Responsibility, Journal of Business

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Conferences, Seminars, Speaking Engagements and Dissemination of Research

H Egede, Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace: Legal Implications for HR Professionals at the

TCN Human Resource Professional Leadership Learning Summit (August 2020)

H Egede, Legal Implications of the Draft Nigerian Sickle Cell Bill, Invited Talk by the Sickle

Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative (SAMI) (World Sickle Cell Day, June 2020)

H Egede, Energy Justice: Understanding the Barriers to Solving the Intractable Problem in Ghana and

Tanzania Energy Solutions: Energizing a Billion Lives, OU Stakeholders Engagement Workshop,

Accra, Ghana, April 2018.

H Egede, Invited talk in Women in the World: Making a World for Women, WWAFE House of Lords

Seminar Series (June 2016).

H Egede, Minding the Regulatory Gaps in the African Biometrics Experiment: The Nigerian Case

Study 15th International Conference on Technology, Policy and Innovation Open University (June


H Egede, Engagement with the Force of the Community in Conflict Resource Regions in Africa:

Propositions for New Legal Arrangements Current Legal and Policy Issues in the African Energy

Sector Roundtable Conference, University of Buckingham, October 2014. 

H Egede, Safe and Secure energy, Resource nationalism or Energy liberalization: Which way forward

Energy and Climate workshop, University of Buckingham, May 2012.

H Egede, Status and rights of Involuntarily Childless Women in sub-Saharan Africa Invited seminar

presentation on Women's Rights in Africa at the Cardiff Centre for Human Rights, Cardiff Law

School, March 2011.

H Egede, invited participant, Expert meeting on Social Aspects of Accessible Infertility Care in

Developing Countries organised by Social Study group of the ESHRE Special Task Force on

developing countries and infertility, Genk, Belgium, December 11-12, 2009. Summary of the meeting

published in FV & V, ObGyn 2010, Monograph 66- 72. viii.

T Egede, Law and Your Environment: Promoting Environmental Citizenship, invited seminar

presentation delivered at the Economic Social Research Council (ESRC) staff seminar, Polaris House,

Swindon, October 16, 2009.

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