Dr Kasha Minor

Dr Kasha Minor

Lecturer in Hospitality 

Department: Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management
Telephone No: +44 (0) 2920416984
Email Address: kminor@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Kasha is a lecturer in Hospitality Management and a researcher at Cardiff School of Management. She joined the department, on part time basis, in 2013, moving to a full-time position in 2018. She has 11 years' experience of working within the Hospitality industry and is passionate about it to this day.  

Kasha is a leader for International Food and Beverage Management, Venue Design and Principles of Hospitality modules. She is part of the module team for Hospitality Events and Operations, Global Hospitality, Research Methods, Industry Projects. She supervises students who are undertaking dissertations on both undergraduate and Master levels, as well as doctoral theses.  She has been involved with Summer schools held at University of Ljubljana and Catholic University of Lyon. 


Kasha's research interests include hospitality and tourism management, with a focus on digital media, user generated content and social media upon hospitality industry. Her approach is qualitative aimed at focusing on individual stakeholders' views, experiences and attitudes. Her PhD investigated the impacts of daily deal websites, such as Groupon, on hotel industry in Wales. Currently she is involved in collaborative work with researchers at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and Ca' Foscari University, Italy, looking at daily deal websites usage in the Mediterranean region.  


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Minor, K. and Bratec, M. (2019), Management and Implications of Daily Deal Promotions in the Hospitality Industry: Towards Their Holistic Understanding, in Digital Marketing Strategies for Tourism, Hospitality, and Airline Industries, Jose Duarte Santos and Oscar Lima Silva (Eds), pp. 159-178

Tomat, L., Bratec, M., Minor, K. and Budler, M. (2018), Daily Deals in the Mediterranean Region: A data Analytical Approach, eReview of Tourism Research, 16(2-3), pp. 13-23 

Bratec, M., Tomat, L., Budler, M. and Minor, K. (2018), Kaj nam analitika masovnih podatkov lahko pove o uporabi spletnih bliskovitih ponudb v turizmu?, Economic and Business Review (online)


Daily Deal Business Model Investigations funded by University of Ljubljana  

Assessing the ease of use of daily deal websites and perceived trustworthiness of hospitality offers with Perceptual Experience Laboratory, Cardiff Metropolitan University 

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