Dr Paul Angel

Principal Lecturer in Computer Games Development

Department: Computing and Information Systems
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2041 7158
Email: pnangel@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Dr Paul Angel is Principal Lecturer and Programme Director for the Computer Games Design and Development course.  Paul has developed games along with music composition and 3D modelling software and has worked in the wider IT industry developing and maintaining educational database systems.  Following his PhD in Machine Vision, Paul continued in academia as a Research Fellow before becoming a lecturer at the University of Glamorgan in 2001.  While there, Paul was responsible for developing and teaching the Computer Graphics and Real-Time Rendering modules and since 2014 was the Course Leader for the Games Development course.  In 2016 Paul joined Cardiff Met as Principal Lecturer to develop the Games Design and Development programme.  Paul is also a professional member of the Special Interest Group in Graphics (SIGGRAPH).


Paul's main research interests include Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Image Processing and Machine Vision.  His current research focuses on applying Real-Time Computer Graphics techniques to game development and specialises in writing shader code to create visual effects using the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) found in modern computers and mobile devices.  Paul's other research interests include parallel programming, functional programming concepts, geometric algebra and component-oriented databases.



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