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Dr Rachel Mason-Jones

Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management  
Department:  Marketing and Strategy
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2020 6447

Dr Rachel Mason-Jones is a Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management.  She joined the Cardiff Metropolitan University team in 2016 having previously spent 13 years at the University of South Wales as a Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management.  Prior to joining academia Rachel had spent many years in industry working in the fields of automotive, aerospace and oil and gas.  Her industrial experience was firstly established as a Mechanical Engineer and then she moved into Supply Chain Management.   Rachel's PhD was attained from Cardiff University and focused on the researching the impact of information sharing on the performance of supply chain's.   Rachel's teaching experience has included Postgraduate and Undergraduate modules in sustainable supply chains, risk management, strategic operations management and commercial relationships.

Rachel's current research and teaching interests are in the areas of sustainable and resilient supply chains, ethics and CSR and its impact on managing our global supply chains and looking at the renewable technology supply chain capacity and development.



Senior Fellow of the HEA (SFHEA)

Research Interests

Sustainable global supply chain management and strategy,

Resilient and agile supply chains,

Ethics and CSR and its impact and management in global supply chains,

Power and its use in strategic relationships in supply chain management

Renewable energy technology supply chain development and management.


 Papers accepted awaiting publication    

Davies, P. and Mason-Jones, R "Communities of Interest as a Lens to Explore the Advantage of Collaborative Behaviour for Developing Economies;  An Example of the Welsh Organic Food Sector"  Special Issue for International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Publication due November 2016  – Volume 17(4).


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Stephens, V, White, G.R.T,  and   Mason‐Jones, R "Problematising the Concept of 'Sustainability' in the Supply Chain through Systematic Literature Review' to be presented at BAM Sept 2016.

Afolayan, A., White, G.R.T,  and   Mason‐Jones, R "Why Knowledge Acquisition is Important to effective Supply Chain Management: The Role of Supply Chain Managers as Knowledge Acquisitors" to be presented at BAM Sept 2016.

Davies, P. and Mason-Jones, R.,  "Community of Interest Member Types as an Indicator of Motivation Behind Collaborative Practice" to be presented at BAM Sept 2016.

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Invited Papers

Mason-Jones R, Towill DR "Vaincre I'incertitude : reduire l'effet coup de fouet sur les Supply Chains", Logitique & Management, 1999, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp7-14, ISSN 1250 7970.

Mason-Jones, R., Naylor, B. and Towill, D. R. "Engineering the Leagile Supply Chain" International Journal of Agile Management Systems, 2000, Vol. 2, No. 1, 54-61.





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