Dr Taslima Begum

Senior Lecturer in Computing and information Systems

Department: Computing and Information Systems
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2041 6434
Email: tbegum@cardiffmet.ac.uk


Dr. Taslima Begum is a Senior Lecturer in Computing and Information Systems in the School of Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University. She is also a Visiting Lecturer in the Faculty of Creative Industries at the University of South Wales and an Associate Researcher with Transtechnology Research at the University of Plymouth.  As a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy Taslima has been teaching and supporting learning for over a decade, delivering lectures, workshops and seminars across Further and Higher Education in Wales on design, technology, computing and new media.


Taslima previously worked as a Senior Lecturer in Interactive Media and an Acting Programme Leader for the MA/MFA Design by Practice at the University of Wales as well as a Visiting Lecturer in Creative Arts at Coleg Gwent. Taslima's cross-disciplinary teaching focuses around design, technology and computing as well as socio-cultural studies. It spans interaction and interface design, HCI, physical and tangible computing, industrial design, cultural and postcolonial theory, digital media, animation, professional practice and research skills. She has also delivered software-training workshops for a wide variety of creative multimedia software. 

Taslima excels at facilitating a climate of collaboration and inquiry within the subjects she teaches, providing students with a creative space for professional and personal development. Her previous role of special needs co-ordinator in the design department at the University of Wales allowed her to work with stakeholders to co-ordinate and facilitate improved mechanisms of support and provision of pastoral care for students with disabilities and special needs studying in higher education. 


Taslima's commercial experience involved working as a design consultant to create solutions for a variety of independent clients and small and medium enterprises within industry providing a complete rebranding and marketing service.  She has also worked collaboratively alongside other educators, animators, web-designers and games developers to produce educational curriculum-incorporated games software for GCSE students that were distributed nationally in schools across the UK. 


BA (Hons) in Design Futures (2003) - Taslima originally studied new media wherein she developed a creative, multi-disciplinary practice encompassing expertise in 3D modelling, animation, virtual audio-augmented, motion triggered installation, website design, and innovative interface design.

MA Design, New Media and Technology (2008) - Taslima was awarded a distinction in her Master's degree from the University of Wales, for which she developed four practice-based interaction design projects including a tangible digital music box and the synaesthesia project which explored sonic 3d motion mapping in real-time. 

PGCHE (2010) - Alongside her research and teaching responsibilities, Taslima went on to gain a postgraduate certificate in higher education.  Her teaching degree explored three action research cycles in depth, namely: (i) The practice-research-theory relationship; (ii) utilising emotional intelligence for deep learning; and (iii) self-directed and blended learning approaches.   

Along with a TEFL qualification, in 2010, Taslima gained HEA fellowship in recognition for attainment against the UK professional standards framework for her teaching.

She is also a member of the British Computing Society (MBCS), Design Research Society (DRS) and the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). 


Taslima completed her PhD research in June 2015, which was 'A Postcolonial Investigation into the role of Cultural Hegemony within Industrial Design History, Praxis and Pedagogy'.  By reinterpreting technological formations in light of research emerging from Post-colonial studies, she discusses how product design often relies upon western [hegemonic] aesthetic and deep cultural archetypes and highlights the potentials that exist for a more culturally aware vision for global design. 

Key themes in her thesis include: Industrial and Product Design, Technology, Postcolonial and Cultural Studies, Design Practice, Process and Education, Hegemony, Trans-cultural and Global Products, Globalisation and Glocalisation, Higher Education, Design Pedagogy and Curricula, Inclusivity and Cultural Capital, Cultural Cognizance, Design History, Theory and Philosophy.

Taslima's current cross-disciplinary research interests focus on design methodologies, emerging technologies, tangible interfaces, physical computing, human-centered and inclusive design and human-computer interaction. 


BEGUM, T. (2015) 'A Postcolonial Critique of Industrial Design A Critical Evaluation of the Relationship of Culture and Hegemony to Design Practice and Education since the late 20th Century'.  Pearl Depository, University of Plymouth.

BEGUM, T. (Oct 2016) PhD Research.  Leonardo Journal (ISAST): International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. Vol. 49, No. 5, Pp. 458, MIT Press: California, USA. 

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