Jane Levy


Programme Director (Link Tutor)

Department: Learning and Teaching      
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2041 7178
Email Address: jlevy@cardiffmet.ac.uk

I have a joint honours degree in English and Philosophy from the University of Nottingham. I started my career at a major London advertising agency in 1988 and have since worked in various fields in the UK and abroad including PR, sales, business development, marketing and consultancy. 

This experience, combined with a sincere desire to help students do as well as they can at university and become prepared for the world of work, is the fundamental driver to all I do in my roles of senior lecturer and personal tutoring coordinator at Cardiff School of Management. ​​



My research interest is the student experience and the role of support functions in developing student confidence.


Other Scholarly Output

Levy, J., Koukouravas, T., Hughes, N., Tryfona, C. and Worrall, M. “Cardiff School of Management: Improving Student Confidence”, Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning, 12.

Levy, J. (2011) ‘Truth’, in North, K. (ed.) The C Word. Gwynedd: Cinnamon Press, pp. 19-21.

Levy, J. (2011) ‘Us’, in North, K. (ed.) The C Word. Gwynedd: Cinnamon Press, pp. 22-23.


Levy, J. (2011) 'Two Women, One Day', in North, K. (ed.) The C Word. Gwynedd: Cinnamon Press, pp. 24-25.​