Dr John Follett

Department: Marketing and Strategy
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2041 6357
Email Address: jfollett@cardiffmet.ac.uk​

Teaching Marketing at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. I have specializations in Marketing Communication, Consumer Behaviour and Research Methods. I undertake research in relation to non-mainstream consumer behaviour, identity creation through consumer behaviour, body modification, and subcultures of consumption. I have also had experience in research in Eastern European minorities, and 'hidden' histories.​​


I am a qualitative researcher, specifically concerning consumer behaviour within marketing. In particular the Foucauldian and Baudrillardian analysis of the use of the body, and the creation and development of subculturally based industries such as tattooing which has to be seen in a socio-historical context as well as a the present day perception of it being a 'postmodern' activity. This socio-historical aspect of my work fills a hole in Marketing in general and CCT (Consumer Culture Theory) in particular. Other areas of interest include Eastern European minorities, and eastern european social political and commercial histories.


Journal Articles Published

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