Dr Paula Kearns

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Department: ​Marketing and Strategy
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2020 5567​
E-mail Address: pkearns@cardiffmet.ac.uk​

Dr Paula Kearns is currently the Programme Director for the BA (Hons) Marketing Management.  As Programme Director she is responsible for the academic leadership, delivery, quality assurance, management and administration of the degree programme. Dr Paula Kearns began her academic career 3-years ago, prior to that she worked as a manager in the Leisure Industry for more than 20-years. She is therefore able to offer a skill-set that combines academic excellence with industry experience.  During her leisure career she worked in both the public, private and trust sectors. During this time she was responsible for large income and expenditure budgets, managed large numbers of staff and managed a number of 'high profile' strategic projects.​

Since starting in academia, Dr Paula Kearns has worked at three different Universities, which has allowed her to gain a wide range of teaching experiences, understanding of different management system and the wider higher education environment. Her subject specialism is marketing; in addition to her DBA (Marketing), her marketing credentials include a MA Marketing and the CIM professional and post-graduate diploma qualifications.  She has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) since studying the CIM professional and post-graduate diploma qualifications over a decade ago. 


Research Group
Value Flow Centre at Cardiff Met Uni

Research Interests

Dr Paula Kearns was awarded her Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) in December 2013. Her research focuses on understanding why some adults live and breathe sport and embrace physical activity throughout their lives, whilst to others it has no value or significance all.    This thesis represented the first examination of the value construct as it pertains to the consumption of sport and physical activity which contributes a more developed understanding of the consumption values that underpin an active adult's participation. Her research focuses on the possibility that adult participation levels in sport and physical activity could be increased if providers moved beyond the traditional economic view of value (cost-benefit trade-off) and explored the insights gained from adopting an experiential view of value (perceived and desired outcomes). Currently, no specific research exists regarding the consumption values that underpin participation in sport and physical activity and this presents an important gap in the literature, which she intends to fully contribute too.​


Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) - Associate


Doctorial thesis

 "On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!'' The Development of the Sport and Physical Activity Value (S&PAVAL) Model for use in the Leisure Industry.

Conference proceedings

Kearns, P. & Skinner, H. (2013). Conceptualising customer value in a leisure service setting: value is in the eye of the beholder. Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Conference, University of Glamorgan, 8th – 11th July 2013.

Kearns, P. & Skinner, H. (2013). The whole idea behind it is to get people away from going to doctors.  Proceedings of the WISERD 2013 Annual Conference, University of Glamorgan 25th and 26thJune 2013.

Kearns, P., Williams-Burnett, N. & Skinner, H. (2012). Why don't people do what's good for them? : an examination of the value(s) which affect physical activity, Proceedings of the Policy & Politics Conference 2012, University of Bristol, School for Poli​cy Studies, 18th September 2012.

Kearns, P., Williams-Burnett, N. & Skinner, H. (2012). Towards developing understanding of the drivers, constraints from the consumption values underpinning participation in physical activity, Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Conference, University of Southampton's School of Management, 2nd – 5th July 2012.

Kearns, P. & Skinner, H. (2012). Value-in-exchange or value-in-use? Empirical insights into consumer perceptions, Emerging Themes in Business Conference, Newport Business School, University of Wales, Newport, 20th March 2012.