Dr Simon Thorne


Senior Lecturer in Computing and ​Information Systems

Department: Computing and ​Information Systems​​ and International Studies
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2041 6398
Email Address: sthorne@cardiffmet.ac.uk

My research is mostly grounded in computer science with applications in Information Systems, I think of myself as more of a natural scientist preferring scientific enquiry when conducting research.

​My PhD work, which I successfully defended in July 2008, was concerned with the risks to organisations associated with End User Computing activities, I focussed on the use of spreadsheet technology in my research. My PhD thesis presents an alternative modelling technique for decision support spreadsheets.   

I continue to research and publish in the spreadsheet research discipline. I am a committee member of the European Spreadsheets Risks Interest Group (EuSpRIG) which is one of the leading world authorities for spreadsheet research. I am a member of the organising and programme committee for the annual EuSpRIG conference. I assist in organisation of speakers, the review of papers submitted and chairing sessions during the conference. 


Current research interests

I am in the process of publishing work from my PhD thesis but I have a number of other research projects at various stages of progression.

The impact of spreadsheet technology on clinical practice

It has recently become apparent that spreadsheet technology is being used to support decision making in a clinical setting. My interest in this matter is how the use and availability of such spreadsheet technology has impacted on the practices of clinicians in the UK. I am currently developing a research funding bid to carry out the field work for this research.

Further development of the Example Driven Modelling (EDM) concept

My PhD thesis concerned a novel approach to specifying and building spreadsheet applications using a technique that transforms example input into a representative model. 

It was suggested to me that this method could be adapted in a number of ways firstly as a testing methodology for spreadsheets and secondly as developmental approach to build information systems generally. ​

I continue to work towards adapting this technique for other areas of application in information systems and computer science.​​​​


Journal Papers

Thorne, S. (In Press) “Reducing Error in Spreadsheets: Example Driven Modelling versus Traditional Programming”, International Journal of Human Computer Interaction

Thorne, S. (In Press) “The Misuse of Spreadsheets in the Nuclear Fuel Industry: The Falsification of Safety Critical Nuclear Fuel Data Using Spreadsheets at British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL)”, Journal of Organisational and End User Computing

Thorne, S. (2012) "The Misuse of Spreadsheets in the Nuclear Fuel Industry: The Falsification of Safety Critical Nuclear Fuel Data Using Spreadsheets a​t British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL)"  IEEE Computing Press, HICSS 45, pp4633-4640.​

Thorne, S. and Ball, D. (2009) “A review of spreadsheet error re​duction methods, Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Vol. 25, Article 34.

Other Scholarly Output

Thorne, S and Ball, D (2009) ‘The Potential of Example Driven Modelling for Decision Support Spreadsheets’," HICSS 42, pp.1-9, IEEE Computing Press

Defending the future: An MSc module inspreadsheet risk managem​ent​, Proceedings of the European Spreadsheets Risks Interest Group