Progressing the Relationship

Progressing the Relationship

This will require a range of strategies. Each mentee is unique in their character and personality and their educational journey will be personal to them.​

​Setting Goals

​It is important to encourage young people to recognise the need to plan and set goals within all aspects of their life in order to progress.

Exploring Options and Steps to Success

Exploring options will help the mentee on their educational journey but they are also being provided with life-skills that will develop into transferable skills as they progress in their career.

How to recognise the steps to be taken when choosing an option.

​Force Field Analysis

Helping a mentee to overcome perceived barriers.
Model: Kurt Lewin's Force Field Analysis


It is more than likely you will need to work with your mentee to help them revise more effectively.   Strategies for effective revision.


It is essential to give effective feedback at the right time and foe the right purpose in order to build the mentee's confidence and competence.​

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