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Our Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Through our Global Academies staff, students and stakeholders are pulling together to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and its impacts.

Immediate support included donating our Personal Protective Equipment to the local health board, loaning our Thermo Fisher 7500 ABI Fast Platform machines to support the development of a new mass testing facility for Covid-19 at Milton Keynes and working with Welsh Blood Service to establish a temporary blood donation centre on our Llandaff campus following a 20% reduction in donors and the need to distance such services from hospitals responding to Covid-19 patients.

Our longer-term research and innovation efforts range from monitoring the societal impact of the pandemic to providing specialist support to the food industry and developing a productivity research programme to support Welsh firms in the post-Covid recovery.

Our case studies give you an insight into some of the ways our Cardiff Met Global Academies are contributing.