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Global Academies Virtual Interdisciplinary Workshop 2021

On April 20 and 22, the GA Virtual Interdisciplinary Workshop took place with over 40 academics from across Cardiff Met working through collaborative team exercises to develop a pitch for an interdisciplinary research project.

Participants were divided into six challenge areas (Literature and Nutrition, Healthcare Tech, Sustainable Diets, Tourism Recovery, Art & Mental Health and Big Picture Physiology) identified by our Professors and Readers which all aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals.
Contributors used virtual whiteboards to map out opportunities, challenges and barriers to addressing their interdisciplinary research goals. At the end of the workshop, the GA Team launched the GA Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation Fund – applications for which close on 24 May. Workshop participants and academics from across the University with interdisciplinary project ideas are encouraged to apply.

Overwhelmingly, workshop participants felt it was exciting to interact with academics with diverse expertise and have interdisciplinary discussions that may not have otherwise occurred.

One participant stated: “I have really loved being able to meet and work with others from different disciplines. I have learned tons from listening to others and voicing my own ideas and opportunities. I loved the systems that facilitated the session today. I thought it was very well planned and enabled outcomes to be met.”

Team leader for the ‘Big Picture Physiology’ challenge, Dr Eric Stohr, described the virtual workshop saying: “It was truly excellent, very worthwhile and actually fruitful with tangible outcomes, as opposed to just spending time.”

At the end of the second day, Eric’s group mapped out a multi-staged interdisciplinary project which aims to visualise health across the life span - starting with visualising ECG traces in a way that is meaningful to patients. When asked what key learning outcomes he took from the workshop, Eric asserted, “Network, network, network!”

The GA team runs interdisciplinary workshops every year and is now expanding this provision through a series of smaller sandpit and whiteboard sessions to be announced. We invite academics interested in collaborating on interdisciplinary projects and growing their research and innovation networks to register their interest in future workshops and funding opportunities by writing to GA Research & Innovation Officer, Tara Cater​​​​​​​.