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Facilitating Interdisciplinarity

The Global Academies team organised an intensive two-day Global Academies Interdisciplinary workshop to bring together our academics from across Cardiff Met to share their expertise and create new ideas.  Over thirty academics from across schools attended and some have now successfully secured funding for their collaborative research.
If you would like more information on these workshops please contact Beth Galashan, Research & Innovation Engagement Officer,

Participant Testimonials 

"Great to work across boundaries and disciplines, it has made me think differently about the work that I am doing and will enhance the quality as well as the quantity of my research"

".. it was a wonderful opportunity to network with staff from different research groups"

“the networking with other colleagues was valuable and the idea generations has been really good .. there are many projects that I would like to be involved in”.

“ Wonderful opportunity to meet people from different groups within the university”

“ As a new member of staff it has been really useful to meeting other staff within the institution and I am excited to think about things going forward”