Partnership for Education and Research (PER) Programme for Women in Cyber

​The PER project is funded by the British Council, falling under one of the organisation’s core missions to ‘encourage educational co-operation between the United Kingdom and other countries, support the advancement of United Kingdom education and education standards overseas, and otherwise promote education’. 


​Project details

The project is a collaboration between Cardiff Met and King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. The project focusses on ‘Women and Girls in Cyber’ – and brings together academic staff and female students from both institutions to research and establish best practice for cyber security education for Women and Girls – where they are currently significantly underrepresented. The overarching aim of the PER project is for Cyber Security and related disciplines to be more accessible to female students, both in the UK and in Saudi Arabia. 

A longer-term aim of the project is to establish a joint Saudi-UK Ph.D. research programme between the two institutions targeted at Women in Cyber.

Operational Details

The project started in April 2022, and finished in March 2023.  The project involved multiple staff and PhD student exchanges to further the research collaboration - providing training courses, joint research seminars, skills development, and experiences that will benefit female PhD students in their careers. 

Team of PER Project 

Principle Investigator (CMet):Dr Liqaa Nawaf

Co-Investigator (CMet):Dr Chaminda Hewage

Co-Invvestigator (CMet): Dr Fiona Carroll

Principle Investigator (KAU): Prof. Daniyal Alghazzawi (Head of the Information Security Research Group at KAU)

Co-Investigator (KAU): Prof. Iyad Katib (Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology)

Benefits of the Project

The project has clear benefits to women wanting to work in the field of Cyber Security, as well as enabling a PGR student exchange which will bolster the CVs of students involved. Longer term, the design of the joint PhD research programme will be taken place based on the framework developed in this project.  

Pictures from the visits


For more information about the project please contact Dr Liqaa Nawaf, .