Sharing Open Education Practices Using Technology for Higher Education- SHOUT4HE

Recent evidence suggests that digital technologies are not always effectively designed for teaching, learning and creative inquiry in HE environments. Professor Gary Beauchamp, Dr Cheryl Ellis, Nick Young and project research assistant and PhD student Sammy Chapman, are currently leading the Erasmus+ funded SHOUT4HE project which designs open educational resources on effective teaching with technology across a wide range of disciplines in HE. The team believe that HE teaching skills are best addressed through international collaboration and cooperation between Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) to develop best practice and innovation. The project has five university partners in four countries: The University of Limerick (Ireland), University of Nice and University of Bordeaux (France), and Belgium (PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts).

The SHOUT4HE project has three main goals. Firstly, each of the project partners across the five universities is working with local HE teachers with diverse disciplinary knowledge to understand and share how they are using teaching technologies in innovative ways. Next, the team will use this information to design an e-platform for sharing open education practices and resources. Lastly, the team will create a set of e-Resources for HE teachers. E-Resources produced by this project will be available and widely disseminated to achieve a long-term impact on individual HE teachers, and also more generally on university teaching and professional development programmes.

Expected outcomes emerging from this project include a minimum of 40 new practice videos using technology in HE within the partner institutions, to be shared on the e-platform. Also, the team is designing and producing three e-books covering: best innovative practices, advice for HE teachers, and communities of practice building techniques.

You can learn more about the SHOUT4HE project here.