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Welcome to the Global Academies

Cardiff Metropolitan University's Global Academies are collaborative and interdisciplinary endeavours bringing together our strengths in research, innovation and teaching to address challenging global priorities.

Offering a range of post-graduate learning and research opportunities, the Global Academies aim to improve us as individuals and the world around us.

Our three Global Academies are Health and Human Performance; Food Science, Safety and Security; and Human Centred Design. More information about each of these academies can be found below.

Academy of Health and Human Performance

This Global Academy brings together our expertise in wellbeing, public health, biomedical sciences, leadership and management, sport, physical activity, coaching, and technology to take a holistic view of human performance.

Find out more about the Health and Human Performance Global Academy

Food Science, Safety and Security

This Global Academy brings together our expertise in technical, operational and commercial food production and biomedical sciences, along with nutrition, perceptual science and psychology.

Find out more about the Food Science, Safety and Security Global Academy

Academy Human Centred Design

Improving the world around us. Organisations, products, processes and services that place the individual at their centre provide effective solutions.

Find out more about the Human Centred Design Global Academy

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