Biomechanics Labs


The new biomechanics lab is used for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate biomechanics modules. This purpose-built space enables students to gain the practical skills involved within the sport biomechanics environment. It also enables researchers to conduct high quality sports, exercise and health biomechanics research. 

The lab includes:

• Four custom built housings for force plates (Kistler)

A custom made rig that houses a 16-camera motion analysis system (Vicon)

An active-marker motion analysis system (CODA)

Six inertial measurement units (Vicon)

Three wearable sensors (APDM)

A wireless surface electromyography system (Delsys)

An electrical muscle and nerve stimulator (Digitimer)

A wireless neuromuscular stimulator (Chattanooga)

A treadmill

This allows for a wide range of sporting activities and movements to be captured and assessed, anything from a simple drop landing up to more complex actions like gymnastic flicks. Gait analysis and balance measures can be undertaken on either healthy or injured athletes. Neuro-mechanical aspects of movements, including muscle activation patterns, can also be assessed by means of surface electromyography. 

National Indoor Athletics Centre
Two areas in NIAC are used extensively for biomechanics teaching and research. Six custom built force plate housings are located by the long jump pit, a further two force plates are housed centrally in the infield. The flexibility in terms of force plate locations and the space that NIAC offers facilitates the large range of data collection set-ups currently used over the variety of sporting applications that our investigations cover. The space available enables us to take novel approaches to research that require large volumes thereby increasing our ability to undertake cutting edge biomechanics research.

At present the research group has studies in athletics, rugby, football, gymnastics and golf across a range of applications in performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Biomechanics Analysis Suite
The new analysis suite houses 25 PCs, each installed with state of the art biomechanics software. As part of the curriculum at both undergraduate and Master's level, practical sessions switch between the lab and the analysis suite. This allows the data collected to be processed and analysed.