Physiology Labs

At the Cyncoed campus, there are a total of six exercise physiology laboratories containing a wide range of specialist equipment designed for physiological assessment in sport, exercise and health. These facilities support development of expertise through teaching and learning, as well as a thriving staff and postgraduate research environment. 

Learning and Teaching

Practical sessions are designed to support understanding of the theoretical concepts which are fundamental to exercise physiology and human performance. The teaching laboratories hold an extensive array of specialist equipment with the purpose of underpinning theoretical concepts and developing practical vocational skills.

We have a range of sport-specific ergometers including running, rowing, cycling and arm ergometry. We have a conventional motorised treadmill as well as a custom-developed non-motorised treadmill ergometer which is valuable for assessment of sprint running performance. We also have state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment for the assessment of cardiac and vascular physiology both at rest and during exercise. This equipment is complemented by beat-by-beat plethysmography for non-invasive blood pressure, ECG machines for electrophysiology assessment and intra- and extra-cranial ultrasound for the assessment of brain blood flow.

There is a wide range of equipment used to teach specific concepts in physiology including breath-by-breath respiratory gas analysers to assess VO2 max, Skinfold callipers and bioelectrical impedance for body composition, timing gates and force platforms for the assessment of speed and power and hypoxic generators to replicate exercise at altitude. We also have a biochemistry laboratory where we can assess blood lactate, glucose and lipid profiles, and arterial blood gas analysers used in the assessment of total blood volume and haemoglobin mass.