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Strength and Conditioning Room


The School's strength and conditioning facility is housed within the National Indoor Athletics Centre (NIAC).

It has four weightlifting platforms with integrated squat racks, allowing the students to learn a range of key lifts and develop their knowledge of the coaching process.

The room provides an excellent environment for learning and teaching, with a 42" LCD screen equipped with Apple TV to offer instantaneous feedback during practical lectures. This enables students to actively engage with both self and peer-assessment within the coaching environment.

The facility is used by a number of athletes from the University's Focus Sport teams, who work closely with Cardiff Metropolitan University strength and conditioning coaches.

A separate strength and power diagnostics gym enables in-depth analysis of athletic performance. The facility enables researchers and practitioners alike to determine an athlete's level of performance for a range of strength qualities. It also allows practitioners to assess muscular performance within a rehabilitative setting.

It includes a custom-built weightlifting platform, with the ability to embed force plates into the floor to collect force-time data. Additional state-of-the-art equipment includes an isokinetic dynamometer, enabling a range of research projects to be conducted from both a performance and injury prevention perspective.