Dr Zaheer Yousef




Honorary Reader

BSc (Hons): First Class; University of London
MB BS; University of London
MRCP; Royal College of Physicians (London)
MD; University of London 
FESC; Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology
FRCP; Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians

Consultant cardiologist & Senior Lecturer (honorary) University Hospital of Wales & Cardiff University
Lead Clinician: heart failure & cardiomyopathies, cardiac resynchronisation therapy,
Clinical lead: myocardial inter-disciplinary research group (Cardiff University)
Chair: South Wales Cardiac Network (heart failure committee)

Membership of Professional Bodies

Research Profile
Optimised beta blocker therapy in heart failure: is there space for additional heart rate control? SJ Russell, M Oliver, L Edmunds, J Davies, H Rose, H Llewellyn-Griffiths, V Sim, A Raybould, R Anderson, ZR Yousef. British Journal of Cardiology 2011;18:XX 

Elwyn G, Hardisty A, Peirce S, May C, Evans R, Robinson D, Bolton C, Yousef Z, Conley E, Rana O, Gray A, Preece A.  Detecting deterioration in patients with chronic disease using telemonitoring: navigating the 'trough of disillusionment' Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice in press

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Anderson RA, Thomas DE, Yousef ZR. Novel pharmacological interventions to maintain sinus rhythm after DC cardioversion. ISRN Cardiology in press

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ZR Yousef, S Chalil, SA Muyhaldeen, REA Smith, P Jordan, CR Gibbs, F Leyva. Pacing-induced increase in QTc dispersion predicts sudden cardiac death following cardiac resynchronization therapy.  Journal of the American College of Cardiology 2006;47:2486-2492.

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F Jishi, PR Hudson, CP Williams, RP Jones, GK Davies, ZR Yousef, RJ Trent, RPW Cowell. Troponin I, laboratory issues and clinical outcomes in a DGH: Cross-over study with 'traditional'  markers of myocardial infarction in a total of 1990 patients.  Journal of Clinical Pathology 2004;57:1027-32.

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Publications (others)
Deputy Editor: Cardiology News (2005 to date)

Textbook of Cardiovascular Genetics: chapter on left ventricular non-compaction

ZR Yousef, MS Marber. The National Service Framework for Coronary Artery Disease: implications for primary and secondary care in general practice.  GP Update 2000;Nov:536-541.​