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Welsh Coach Developer Practitioner Programme

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Sport Wales: Coach Developer Practitioner Programme

An initiative to foster Coach Developers who can positively impact coach development and coaching practice in Wales.

Coaches are a crucial people resource playing a significant role in the ambition for ‘Sport in Wales to Thrive’ (https://www.sport.wales/sport-wales-strategy/). Coaches and therefore coaching, is recognised as a significant activity creating positive and progressive experiences for all involved. To support coaches who can nurture the needs of participants and athletes, Sport Wales are seeking to engage and develop an inclusive and representative Coach Developer workforce. The subsequent workforce will act as a resource with the capability and capacity to constructively impact the quality of coach development, coaching practice and, hence the experiences of all involved in sport.

To help meet the development needs of coaches, Sport Wales and Cardiff Metropolitan University are collaborating to launch a flagship Welsh Coach Developer Practitioner Programme (WCDPP). It will be a CIMSPA aligned professional development opportunity focused on Coach Developer Practitioners who have the desire and capabilities to support all aspects of coaches’ professional practice. It is anticipated that these Coach Developer Practitioners will support the further advancement of high-performing coaches across the breadth of sports in Wales.

Programme announcement: 1st March 2022

Application process closes: 28 March 2022 at 9 am. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Interviews: 11-13 April 2022. The intention is to hold the interviews face-to-face at Sport Wales, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9HW if Covid guidelines and individual circumstances allow.

Programme induction day: May 2022 (Date TBC)

Programme start: September 2022 (Date TBC)

Programme duration: 18-months;
Comprising 6 residential workshops in 3 phases. Each workshop will be 3 days.

  • Phase 1: 2 residential workshops, September 2022 & January 2023
    ‘The self’: ‘the self’ being the Coach Developer, in addition to how they develop a sense of self in coaches.
  • Phase 2: 2 residential workshops, April 2023 & September 2023
    Developing others: Understanding issues of power, performance and persuasion.
  • Phase 3: 2 residential workshop, November 2023 & March 2024
    Constructing context: Learning through action; The coach (developer) as ‘orchestrator’.

Programme cost:

  • Programme fees will be covered by Sport Wales.
  • The sponsoring organisation/ individual programme participant will be responsible for covering travel costs.

Programme pre-requisites:

To be considered for a place on the programme, Coach Developer candidates should ideally have;

  1. The relevant professional qualifications and/or appropriate experience in coaching, adult development and or leadership;
  2. Engagement with and support from an NGB or sport organisation to act in their environment as a Coach Developer;
  3. Be able to demonstrate their capability and experience against the following descriptions;

Candidates should preferably possess:

  • Appropriate National Governing Body/Academic qualification[s] (e.g., UKCC, UEFA accreditation/ Diploma, Undergraduate Degree, Postgraduate Degree) and/or relevant equivalent experience (e.g., sport related industry experience, working with pathway coaches, athletes and participants);
  • A definitive connection to working in Welsh Sport or an intention to work within Welsh Sport;
  • Experience of communicating effectively with a number of stakeholders through a variety of means (e.g., oral, written, interpersonal);
  • An understanding of the issues involved in successfully developing coaches in a variety of settings;
  • The mindset to engage in supportive relationships over time as development purpose and dynamics evolve;
  • The personal characteristics to foster development-orientated relationship[s] demonstrating care, commitment and co-operation;
  • The ability to lead the personal development of coaches through effectively facilitating and establishing individual, small and large group sessions;
  • The capability to develop respect and trust in others through a variety of means;
  • The awareness and knowledge of how to inspire, encourage and facilitate adult learning;
  • The capability to work discreetly on their own professional development through reflection and subsequent action;
  • Find, (critically) evaluate, synthesise and use information from a variety of sources;
  • The experience to express ideas effectively and communicate information appropriately and accurately using a range of information technology formats and media;
  • A commitment to continuous learning and development.

Application Process:

In the first instances, programme candidates should submit an expression of interest (EOI) to Dr. Christian Edwards (cedwards@cardiffmet.ac.uk) comprising;

  1. An A4 page length covering letter describing personal drivers to act as a Coach Developer, and how personal and professional experience and capabilities will enable a positive impact from performing the role.
  2. An up-to-date CV.
  3. Evidence of engagement with, and support from, an NGB or sport organisation (sponsoring organisation) to act in their environment as a Coach Developer.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview (proposed dates as above) and asked to present in a format of their choice on the topic of; “The role of the coach developer: Examples of best practice”. Candidates should be prepared to critically discuss their suitability for the course giving explicit examples of how they can contribute to developing coaches in Wales equipped to meet the development, well-being and performance needs of participants and athletes.

For further information contact Dr Christian Edwards cedwards@cardiffmet.ac.uk

The Vision for Sport in Wales can be viewed here https://www.sport.wales/our-vision-for-sport/

Programme Aim:

The programme aims to create a source of Coach Developers who can positively impact coach development and coaching practice in Wales. Ultimately, the aim is to best support coaches who are well placed to meet the needs and orchestrate positive experiences for participants and athletes across the breadth of coaching contexts in Wales.

Programme Content:

The fundamental principles which will inform the programme include those of inclusivity, creativity, care and learning. These will be evidenced through the development of critical, considerate and imaginative thinking within the Coach Developers on the programme. The precise modes of delivery, all of which will be interactive in nature, include the use of (i) analytic tasks; (ii) problem-based learning; (iii) informed critical discussion; in addition to sessions containing (iv) the injection of theory. This latter point is important in emphasising the notion of ‘reflecting with new knowledge’ (forward reflection) as opposed to only ‘reflecting on experience’ (backward reflection).

The content is structured around the learning and development experience of Coach Developer Practitioners including:

  • Their intra-personal, inter-personal and professional development
  • Exploring and enhancing their knowledge, skills and sense-making on theories, principles and processes which consider
    • How coaches develop their philosophies, practices and effective coaching behaviours
    • Applying and promoting a positive interplay between development, wellbeing and the performance of children and adolescents in sporting environments
    • By design, integrating biological, psychological, emotional and social concepts into coaching practice when developing young people through sport
    • Orchestrating sport environments where people experience thriving
  • Relevant documenting of learning experiences which meet recognised CIMSPA professional standards for Coach Developer Practitioners
  • One-to-one support for programme participants and facilitated peer support relationships.

Programme Outcomes:

The outcome of the programme will be a Coach Developer workforce who can:

  • Collaborate with and across Welsh National Governing Bodies (NGB) and partners to inform and deliver sustainable, in-environment, context appropriate coach continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Facilitate learning environments for coaches to embed and apply philosophies, practices and behaviours which promote fair treatment and opportunities for all
  • Inform, role model and demonstrate how biopsychosocial models and concepts can routinely and by design be integrated into coaching practice
  • Translate the principles of encouraging environments where people thrive into context
  • Lead on developing a system in Wales which has at its core the intention to be inclusive as to how it develops people in sport who can deliver on the world stage
  • Meet the standards for CIMSPA Coach Developer Practitioner

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion:

Sport Wales recognise the importance of a diverse Coach Developer workforce and would especially welcome applicants from all sections of the community and under-represented groups. Sport Wales and Cardiff Metropolitan University will ensure that individuals are treated fairly and with respect. Programme candidates will have access and opportunities to take part in and enjoy programme activities in an atmosphere free from harassment, bullying, discrimination or abuse. We will seek to provide a development programme which meets the purpose, takes account of, and makes reasonable adjustments to support individual needs.