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Achieving Excellence in Communication an Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming

For further information and enrolment: Contact Jackie on 029 2041 6841 or

Course Length: 1 day

Entry Requirements: None

Course Content: Neuro-linguistic Programming is increasingly used to increase effectiveness in the NHS, business, sport and education to achieve better results. NLP was founded to model excellence. By establishing exactly how someone achieves something, excellence can be 'installed' and repeated again and again. This workshop introduces proven, safe and highly effective NLP techniques for personal and professional use that will enable you to:

- Have increased self understanding to make you even more effective in the workplace and at home
- Build and maintain rapport
- Understand how verbal and written language and its use has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your communication with others
- Enhance feedback skills
- Build confidence in resolving conflict and seeing others' points of view
- Set and achieve goals, be aware of how to move things forward in a new way
- Be aware of what behaviours to change to get the results you want

Programme Leader: Francesca Cooper

Courses that may be of interest: Customer Service, Professional Presentation Skills, Stress Management, Time Management

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