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Assistant Test User Certificate In Occupational Testing

​BPS Verified Course

Why attend the course?

An Assistant Test User may be involved in using psychometric tests under the direction of more highly trained colleagues, for the purposes of recruitment, selection or development of personnel.

Ability, aptitude and personality tests are valuable tools used in a variety of domains, including personnel selection, recruitment and training, personnel development, research and clinical work. Anyone involved in the administration of such tests is required by the British Psychological Society to have satisfactorily completed the appropriate training. Your work on this course will be assessed by a chartered psychologist using materials which have been verified to the British Psychological Society's standards.

This course provides information and experience to prepare you to be able to:
• Administer and score specific tests under the supervision of a qualified test user
• Be aware of broader issues related to the use of psychometric tests, including their benefits and limitations

The qualification is a useful addition to your c.v. if you are considering a career or are currently working in HR, recruitment or occupational psychology settings.

Aptitude, Ability and Personality Tests

Aptitude tests are designed to assess how well a person is likely to be able to perform in a training programme or in a job. Ability tests assess what people can do. These are the sort of tests we commonly call 'IQ tests'. They may measure verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, spatial reasoning and mechanical reasoning. Personality tests measure relatively stable characteristics that represent the style of behaviour demonstrated by an individual. Personality tests are designed to facilitate the process of predicting behaviour generally, or in specific applied circumstances. This course will involve detailed analysis and use of four such tests and a more cursory introduction to a greater number of tests.

Course Outline

This is a one day course, running from 10.00 until 16.45 and involves a number of written and practical assessments. The course includes class room style learning as well as a number of practical exercises.


The cost for the course is £275 per student if they are just completing the coursework to be eligible for the BPS qualification or £375 if they also complete additional coursework to become eligible for the M level credits associated with the course. The fee includes all course materials, tuition and assessments - including first retakes where necessary but there will be an additional fee, payable to the BPS in order to obtain the BPS certificate.

Contact - for more information and booking

Dr. Caroline Limbert CPsychol AFBPsS
Department of Applied Psychology
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Cardiff CF5 2YB