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Genetics and Genomics in Healthcare Short-course

Are you a healthcare professional planning to join a healthcare professional role? Are you interested in enhancing your genomic literacy? Come and join us for this fantastic course!

The advances in genetic technologies are having a major impact on clinical diagnosis and therapeutic options. The NHS aims be the first healthcare system focused on embedding personalized medicine into mainstream healthcare. To fully realize the potentials of genomics, all the health practitioners are required to have some level of genomic literacy. This course aims to provide basic understanding of concepts in genetics and genomics in health and disease. We aim to introduce and appraise the recent advances in genetic technologies making their way into the healthcare sector and to introduce the concept of personalized healthcare approaches. This course can be used as an introductory or refresher course in genetics by anyone in general interest in genetics and health or any current and/or future healthcare professionals. 

The field of genomics continues to expand enormously and provide us with tools to improve health. This course aims to provide the fundamental genomic literacy for any current or future health-related profession. 

Course Content

The course will cover a broad range of topics and some content may change over time to reflect the advances in the field. Some examples of the topics include:

• Introduction to the human genome
• DNA, RNA, Protein
• Genotype Vs Phenotype
• Genomic variability & Inter-individual variation
• Single gene disorders/rare disorders
• Modes of inheritance
• Complex disorders
• Gene expression & regulation
• Transcriptional regulation
• Epigenetic regulation
• Methods to study genetic variation, Genetic testing
• Gene therapy
• Clinical genetics/genomic medicine

20 credits at level 7

Coursework and Assessment

Assessments are designed to encourage being an independent learner and consolidate your learning. 
You will complete two assessments throughout the course which include a15 minutes oral presentation and a critical review of about 3000 words. The fortnightly live tutorials will be used to provide any support you may need to complete these assessments. 

Course Delivery

The short course is entirely delivered online allowing you the flexibility to fit your learning around your other commitments. There will be fortnightly live online tutorials to address any questions.

How to Apply

For more information please contact the Course Director, Dr Maninder Ahluwalia 
Phone: 02920 20592

Contact Us

For more information please contact the Course Director, Dr Maninder Ahluwalia 
Phone: 02920 205924 

Key Course Information

Place of Study:

Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences 

Course Length:
13 weeks (one Term) 
September - January 


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