Statistical Services Unit

The Statistical Services Unit is here to help with research issues relating to quantitative data and statistical analysis. We offer help from project inception to publication. 

Who are services for?

Academic Staff Projects
The services of the Statistical Services Unit (SSU) are for all academic staff, in all Cardiff School of Sport & Health Sciences disciplines. We all have our favoured methods and sometimes our approach to research design is limited by our specific experience.  SSU will encourage a broader and more flexible approach that considers a broad range of alternative designs, methods and/or data analysis techniques. The SSU is here to help Cardiff Met staff to maximise their research potential. 

Doctoral and MPhil Candidate Projects
The SSU is available for research students.  This support will be co-ordinated with your supervisory team. SSU can help when you start designing your project as well as with data analysis or publication at the end of the project. Once support has been agreed with your supervisors, then SSU will work directly with you on your project.  SSU’s aim is to maximise your experience as a research student at Cardiff Met by enhancing the quality of your research support. 

Master’s Level Projects
Because SSU is a research service then it will not work directly with students on taught programmes (e.g., MSc).  However, SSU recognises that staff often involve taught Master’s students in their own research projects.  Staff involving Master’s students in their own research can also use SSU but the interactions here will be with the staff not the Master’s students. 

What services are offered?

Research Design
The SSU provides advice/assistance regarding quantitative research methods and design e.g. variable operationalisation, procedural issues, proposed statistical analysis, power calculation etc. This can be obtained by:

  •  Direct request from any member of staff (by mail) for any current or proposed research project or proposal.
  • Contacting the research office (Note. All larger grant applications are assessed as per standard internal quality assurance processes).

Data Analysis
Support with data analysis is not time limited and can be obtained at any stage during a project, even if the SSU was not involved in the design of the project.   Many staff hold data with the intent of analysing and publishing it one day, but for many that day never seems to come because of other pressures on your time.  SSU can help you with processing and publishing findings from data that has been collected historically, or, with secondary analysis of data obtained through a third party (e.g., external partner).  The SSU will be able to advise on analysis, interpretation and presentation of data and analyses and can contribute to publication.  It is expected that staff will hold appropriate ethical approval and permissions for the storage, analysis and dissemination of research findings from all the data that they hold and that data is collected and stored in accordance with GDPR requirements.  SSU will need evidence of appropriate ethics and authority for analysis before any joint analysis work can be undertaken. 

Supervision Support
Sometimes research student projects can develop in unexpected directions and end up requiring methods and designs that are unfamiliar to supervisors (and somewhat ‘outside their comfort zone’).  SSU can arrange meetings to look at issues of concern to support staff and students. The SSU is also available for formal inclusion on supervision teams where more involvement of statistics/design is required but using unfamiliar techniques. 

Cardiff Met staff are involved in research work with external partners where input from SSU will be beneficial.  Staff engage with a range of service delivery units in the NHS, the third sector and in private enterprise.  Involvement of SSU in the development of projects will enhance quality and broaden the scope of potential research products both for Cardiff Met staff and for their external partners.  SSU can have most impact if involved from the inception of projects but may also help to enhance outcomes for ongoing or projects at the final report stage.  SSU is here to help with any design or analysis issue at any stage of Cardiff Met engagement with external partner organisations. 

Staff Training:
The SSU is available as a resource for “up-skilling” and dissemination of good practice. With this in mind, the Statistical Services Unit will be able to run short courses for statistical analysis.  Training will be given to groups of staff or Research Students.  Training will be tailor-made for your requirements.  So, if you, your colleagues or research students identify research design or training needs, then get in touch with The SSU and we can start designing training for you. 

How do I contact the SSU?

Use the link below: