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Care leavers and estranged students

Care leavers

care leaver is defined as a person aged 25 or under, who has been looked after by a local authority for at least 13 weeks since the age of 14; and who was looked after by the local authority at school-leaving age or after that date.

If you declared as a care leaver on your UCAs application, someone from our team will be in touch before enrollment. 

Eligibility for support

To be eligible for support, you must:

  • be a permanent UK resident
  • be classed as a 'Home' student (for Tuition Fee purposes)
  • be under the age of 25
  • declare you are a care leaver on your UCAS application (if you are a care leaver)
  • be able to provide details of your support worker
  • meet one of the following examples:
    • You have been in care since the age of 14 for no less than 6 months
    • You have been in care since the age of 16 for no less than 3 months
    • You have been irreconcilably estranged from your parents or guardians between the age of 16 and leaving school or FE College

Our support package

We provide a package of support that'll help you throughout your time at University.

Pre-entry support meeting

Before starting your course at Cardiff Met (before enrolment), you can meet with our dedicated staff mentor to discuss any support you think you might need. 

We can also arrange for your support worker, representatives from our accommodation team and the School you will be joining to attend. This will also give you the chance to ask us any questions that you might have before starting your course.

Dedicated staff mentor

You will have a dedicated staff mentor who can support you and advise on all aspects of university life. 

They can act as a link between you, your local authority and the University to ensure you are accessing all the support and funding available to you.

Financial support

A 'Care Leavers' Bursary' of £1,000 per year may be available to help you through your time at University (which you would not have to pay back).  Your dedicated staff mentor can give you more information about this and explain how you can apply.

Cardiff Met also offers a range of Scholarships and Bursaries that students and prospective students can apply for. 

We also offer a full money and welfare advice service to help you with any financial queries that you may have. Please speak to your dedicated staff mentor for further information.


We can provide you with year-round accommodation (including Christmas, Easter and summer holidays) within suitable halls of residence, for the duration of your course. Our accommodation team will contact you / your support worker to discuss this further once you have made your application.

For further information see our accommodation web pages.

Additional support

We offer a wider range of support to help students with a variety of needs. We are able to offer disability and mental health support and non-academic information related to your studies.

 Your dedicated staff mentor can also give you more details around the support available to you.

Contact us 

Contact Student Finance Welfare Advisor, Emma Cook, to discuss your options:

You can also visit the i-zone on your campus for non-academic support.