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Degree Apprenticeships

The Degree Apprenticeship is an alternative to traditional university study that combines the work-based element of an apprenticeship with the academic framework of a Higher Education qualification.

A Degree Apprenticeship offer students the opportunity to study part-time for an academic qualification while working full-time with an employer, gaining real world experience in their chosen career path.

Cardiff Metropolitan University's School of Technologies offers Degree Apprenticeships fully funded by the Welsh Government for up to four years - there are no tuition fees for the apprentice undertaking the degree, and employers only need to commit one day per week for their employee/apprentice to study at Cardiff Met.

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As a Degree Apprentice, you will be able to earn a salary and gain work experience while studying for a tuition-free full degree, giving you a head start in your career. In addition, you will be taught within a framework of EDGE (Ethical, Digital, Global and Entrepreneurship) competencies that all Cardiff Metropolitan University students benefit from. Degree Apprenticeships are also open to existing employees who wish to upskill or get academic recognition for exisiting skills and experience, where the opportunity for work-based learning and assessment is provided by their employer.

Benefits to the Apprentice

  • A key opportunity to earn a wage and gain 3 years work experience whilst studying for a fully funded BSc qualification.
  • The opportunity to learn on the job, work on real life live projects, and apply the learning directly to your studies.
  • An opportunity to be mentored by colleagues who are significantly experienced in their field.
  • The chance to upskill and develop career-relevant skills.

A BSc Applied Data Science Apprenticeship Degree student, Mia is retraining with start-up Nightingale HQ some 10 years after setting up her own business. Hear how the Apprenticeship Degree at Cardiff Met is helping her achieve her goals:


As an employer, a Degree Apprenticeship offers you the opportunity to upskill your existing workforce, attract new talents, and close skills gaps. You will benefit from higher productivity and employee retention, and will ensure that the future skills needs of your business are met with a minimal opportunity cost.

Benefits to the Employer

  • The option to upskill existing staff who have shown potential for development, as well as newly recruited apprentices.
  • Access to the latest thinking and developments in the field via a modern approach to teaching inspired by industry.
  • The option to grow talent and develop resilience in the workforce via hiring in new talent or developing existing staff with a minimal opportunity cost.
  • A potential saving of £27,000 on standard tuition fees, which would be £9,000 per year if paid directly to the University.

Hear from Alison Adams, Academic Manager at the Office for National Statistics, on the benefits for employers of hiring a Degree Apprentice:


Apprenticeship Experience

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