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Academic Standards and Quality

​Academic Standards and Quality Unit has combined with Learning and Teaching Development Unit to form a new Directorate, focusing on an integrated approach to assurance and enhancement.  If you need any information or guidance on quality assurance and enhancement, please visit the Quality Enhancement Directorate webpages

Please see information below on our last QAA Institutional Review, which took place in May 2014:

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), the independent body.  If you need any information or guidance on quality assurance and enhancement please visit  entrusted with monitoring and advising on standards and quality in UK higher education, has confirmed that the academic standards and quality of provision at Cardiff Metropolitan University meet UK expectations.

The QAA reviewers visited Cardiff Metropolitan University and a sample of its collaborative partners in April and May 2014 and judged that academic standards, the quality of student learning opportunities, the quality of information about learning opportunities and the enhancement of student learning opportunities all meet UK expectations. The QAA's Institutional Review Report and the University's Action Plan in response to the report can be accessed at the following links: 

Cardiff Metropolitan University Institutional Review Report

Cardiff Metropolitan University Action Plan – Term 3 Update

The report identifies areas of good practice across the University, which are:

  • The work of the Learning and Teaching Development Unit (now QED) in providing a comprehensive range of opportunities and resources for enhancement of learning and teaching.
  • The Students' Union's engagement with students in collaborative partnerships to enhance the quality of representation.  
  • The Your Career online learning object, which supplies careers advice and a flexible learning instrument for careers development modules. 

The Report makes recommendations to the University, which are:

By January 2015

  • Ensure that policies and guidance for formative assessment feedback include equitable treatment of draft coursework assignments in all taught provision.

  • Review and clarify complaints procedures for collaborative provision and ensure that these are consistently and accurately communicated to students.

By March 2015

  • Apply a consistent University-wide approach to the training, support and monitoring of postgraduate research students engaged in teaching and assessment.


  • Ensure that all collaborative and articulation arrangements are covered by completed, signed and current inter-institutional agreements.

  • Ensure the clarity of formal documentation with regard to articulation arrangements.

Cardiff Metropolitan University Action Plan

In consultation with staff and Students' Union Executive Officers, the University has produced an action plan demonstrating how it will address the above recommendations and further develop its areas of good practice. The University will be expected to review and update this annually until all actions are complete. The QAA will carry out a mid-cycle review in 2017 when progress in implementing the action plan will be discussed.

The University is next scheduled for a QAA Higher Education Review (Wales) in 2020.

QAA checks how UK universities and colleges maintain the standard of their higher education provision. Click here to read this institution's latest review report. The QAA diamond logo and 'QAA' are registered trademarks of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.