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Academic Standards and Quality

Academic Standards and Quality Unit has combined with Learning & Teaching Development Unit to form a new Directorate, focusing on an integrated approach to assurance and enhancement.  If you need any information or guidance on quality assurance and enhancement, please visit the Quality Enhancement Directorate webpages

Quality Enhancement Review by the Quality Assurance Agency

The University underwent Quality Enhancement Review by the QAA in January 2021. The QAA’s Report has been published and confirms that the University meets the requirements of Part 1 of the European Standards and Guidelines for internal quality assurance and meets the relevant baseline regulatory requirements of the Quality Assessment Framework for Wales.

The Report commends the University for the following

• The strong contribution made by the Associate Deans Student Engagement in consolidating student engagement and partnership between students and the University;

• The particularly proactive approach of Libraries and Information Services to further increase the level of support to students, especially during the pandemic;

• The impact of Quality Enhancement Directorate initiatives in ensuring the consistent management and enhancement of the quality of the student learning experience;

• The well-embedded and robust oversight of TNE partnerships, which ensures that academic standards and the quality of the student learning experience are not at risk; and

• The consistent and highly effective organisation and management of placement activity across the University.

Action Plan

The University in partnership with the Students’ Union has developed an Action Plan that describes how the University intends to capitalise on these commendations and how it intends to address the three recommendations and two affirmations also contained in the QAA’s Report.

Progress with the Action Plan will be monitored by the Academic Quality and Standards Committee and reported the Academic Board’s Annual Assurance Report to the Board of Governors. The first annual update of the Action Plan will be published in May 2022.

Action Plan - May 2022

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