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Academy Training Sessions



Typically, children come into the club via the recreational groups. Those that show potential progress through the structure into the squad & specialist groups; then into the development groups. All children in the Squad, Specialist, and Development groups are expected to compete for the club.

We encourage a combined events approach for all junior athletes to develop a wide range of skills. This provides a sound base of skills and strength for when athletes specialise at Under 15 level or move on to specialise in other sports. Many young athletes who have an initial talent in the running events often find that with technical coaching they also excel at other disciplines. This provides variety which is essential in keeping athletes motivated in the sport through to senior level.​

The multi-event courses run in individual year groups i.e. Reception, Year 1, Year 2 etc. We believe that year group classes will improve the experience and the environment for the children and allow them to develop at similar rates to their friends and peers. It will also create an opportunity for us to keep coaches with the same groups over a 3-year period, to improve their relationship with the children which can only benefit the children's development. Similar aged children will train at a similar times to provide a safer environment within the arena.

Cardiff Archers Athletics believes that for long term athlete development, all athletes benefit from a multi-skill programme. This allows them to pick up movement skills that they may not have gained if they specialised early. That is why all our general athletics groups follow a Run, Jump, Throw programme. Our general athletics sessions consist of a warmup containing physical literacy and fundamental movement skills, followed by two events and a cool down per week. Athletes rotate around events, so that they cover as many run, jump, throw events as possible during each term. Meanwhile, our younger members sessions will consist of a lot of games based on physical literacy. As children progress, they may be invited to attend a squad group, and will have the opportunity to compete for the club.

Our general academy sessions run every weekday evening during University term time, between 4.30pm and 6.30pm, with sessions 1 hour in duration​. ​​​To find out specific times of sessions, please visit Cardiff Met Sport App​​.