Strategy 2030

Purpose, Impact & Compassion

Cardiff Metropolitan is a progressive university. We work with purpose, impact and compassion and always in partnership. We make economies more prosperous, societies fairer, cultures richer, environments greener and communities healthier. In partnership with our students, staff and stakeholders we transform individual lives, Wales and the wider world through high-quality, high impact education informed by our cutting-edge research and innovation.

Our new strategic plan, Strategy 2030, focuses on ‘Belonging and Becoming’, enabling our students, staff and partners to fulfil their life chances and those of the communities and economies they belong to. It builds on the University’s transformational 2017-2022 Strategy and the successes of the last five years, and should be seen as the next phase in the University’s journey of diversification, growth and improvement.

The new strategy will maintain the significant momentum established since 2017 so that the University can fully achieve its ambition of growing to become a sustainable, reputable and vibrant learning community and a top 50 UK university entering and climbing the QS world rankings.

Excellent to Outstanding

Strategy 2030 will maintain the momentum established over the last five years so that Cardiff Met can fully achieve its ambition of becoming established as a distinctive and progressive high-performing university with a strong reputation, sustainable finances, innovative professional partnerships and significant local, national and global reach and impact.

Our Vision

We will continue to grow, diversify and improve, aiming to secure our place in the top 50 UK universities by 2030 and enter the QS world ranking which is the key to sustainable high-quality international recruitment.

Our Values

Our values of creativity, innovation, inclusivity and trust, supported by our behaviours of leadership, courage, accountability and agility are underpinned by the principles of academic freedom and institutional autonomy which guide us as we collaborate across the globe.

Learning, Teaching & Student Engagement

Cardiff Met provides an innovative educational environment that supports students to achieve their personal and professional ambition, by identifying and linking their learning from both curricular and co-curricular activities. Our university is a learning community connected by an approach that emphasises interdisciplinary problem-solving.

Research & Innovation

Our focus will be to continue to cultivate our research and innovation portfolio by building capacity, enhancing our research environment, improving the intensity, reach and impact of our research and innovation outputs, and developing high value national and international partnerships for research and innovation.

Global Engagement

Our International Strategy to 2030 will significantly strengthen the University’s position as a progressive and innovative global learning and research community that is impactful, relevant and inspiring.

Civic Mission

Cardiff Met will extend its civic mission activity, building on our current work to enrich the economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing of Wales.


Cardiff Met will integrate its enabling resources of people, finance, estate and digital to create a coherent framework to deliver the strategic ambition.

Strategic Priorities

Our strategic priorities signal our ambition and highlight major initiatives which we aim to deliver by 2030. The strategic priorities support our thematic priorities and are both drivers and manifestations of our continuing programme of growth, diversification and improvement.