A Healthy University aspires to create a learning environment and organisational culture that enhances the health, wellbeing and sustainability of its community and enables people to achieve their full potential.



Sustainability Ideas

It’s your chance to make a difference! That sustainability idea you’ve had for a while could become reality. Whether a student, member of staff or visitor it’s your opportunity to make the Cardiff Metropolitan University experience that bit better.

Why bother ?

Your sustainability idea counts, this is an opportunity to make yourself heard and perhaps help shape the future of Cardiff Metropolitan University's sustainability agenda. All sustainability ideas are welcome, remember even a small suggestion could make a big difference. These ideas are presented and considered at termly Sustainability Committee meetings as part of our EMS.

Such as ?

Have you a great idea for a project about sustainability? Funding is available for staff or student led sustainability themed initiatives each academic year. In 2022/23 funding was provided to support the Sustainable Growing Futures project​.
Contact Sustainability@cardiffmet.ac.uk

A recent suggestion for an additional Water Cooler was approved and financed by the Sustainability Committee (see Water Cooler case study)

Focus Groups

The consultation process for policies and strategies provides the opportunity for staff, students, trade unions and other stakeholders to provide feedback either in person or online at annual focus groups, as well as throughout the year by emailing the sustainability department. The feedback received then goes forward for formal consideration through the University's Sustainability Committee or other relevant working groups. This feedback is taken into consideration during the annual review of all sustainability policies and strategies.

During 2020, two virtual focus groups were held for interested staff and students to give their feedback on the reviewed policies and strategies before they were finalised. The process took place online this year due to the ongoing lockdown for Covid-19. The focus groups were initially advertised during Go Green Week 2020 when people could place their names down to be contacted to take part. When the policies/strategies had been reviewed by their owners and had gained initial approval from the Sustainability Committee a call was put out for those interested to take part in the online focus groups. The feedback from the focus groups has influenced changes to the policies/strategies before they were finalised and published.