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Energy and Utilities

The University has a five-year Carbon Management Plan and Implementation Plan for the period 2013-2018. This plan built upon the previous plan which was successful in achieving emissions reductions of 16.3% against a 12% target largely from behavioural change, technical projects and improved housekeeping. The plan tasked the University with reducing a further 3% in carbon emissions per year up until 2018 in line with Welsh and UK Government long term ambitions.​

​The plan places a specific focus on reducing electricity consumption as the primary contributor to our total utilities costs and an LED replacement programme aided by a comprehensive lighting survey for prioritisation purposes has commenced to address this.  

Review and consultation of next Carbon Management plan - for Board of Governors approval end of Nov 18

Invest2Save Loan - £150k awarded for investment in upgrading existing lighting across the university.  Strategy is to replace all lights affected by works, to be replaced by LED's and controls, effecting significant levels of electricity reduction.​

​The AMR assists in the preparation of monthly reports to Schools and units. Meetings held with Schools, Units and budget holders to discuss and review consumption with further opportunities for reduction.​

The University agreed a new tariff for purchase of green electricity with Green tariffs which commenced in August 2017.