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Finance and Ethics


​Statement on investment page 4...

​"f) The review of the Ethical Investment Policy - no investments to report during the period and 

Both the Fair Trade and Ethical Investment Policy aim to give all stakeholders (staff, students, trade unions) a voice in environment, sustainability and ethical matters via Governance.

​​Extract from Report on Sustainability and the Environment August 2015 - July 2016

Statement on investment page 4​

Budget provision for Sustainability activities

Spend on sustainability is managed in conjunction with the management of the Environmental Management System. Some expenditure however is devolved to Schools and Units for example, Estates expenditure. A summary of activities has been captured, see side links for some examples of sustainability activities​ recent expenditure.​​

Procurement commodity profiling​

The ‘Commodity Profiling’ process that the University will be using to capture and report on Sustainability achievements has been completed. ​

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