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Students' Union




​Cardiff Met work in partnership with the Students' Union with promotion and awareness of sustainability issues, with staff, students, visitors, stakeholders and the local community as part of the Sustainability Engagement Strategy.

The Students' Union is an Aspect Owner and part of the University Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) with responsibility for Community and Student initiatives.​

The Students’ Union is working toward continual improvement for environmental sustainability by mapping, auditing and tracking annual progress of its impact areas with targets / objectives, being part of the University’s auditing schedule and attending the termly Sustainability Group meetings.

The Students' Union is represented at all relevant University meetings as confirmed in the relationship agreement and Student Charter.

​The Students' Union work with Cardiff Digs partnership. Cardiff Digs, is run jointly by the Council and the three local Universities to give students in Cardiff peace of mind about issues that may be affecting them in the community. So, whether some tips about moving from halls to a house, some advice about issues in your home, or simply need to know when to put your bins out.

The Students' Union co-ordinate with the University the Fairtrade accreditation.​​​