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Placing wellbeing at the centre of everything

Cardiff Metropolitan University
Our focus, as it always is, is on ensuring that students have what they need to engage successfully with their university education. While our delivery method may have changed, that fundamental philosophy of working to equip students with their own tools, techniques and coping mechanisms which will support them in their studies and beyond remains the same.

We operate an online wellbeing triage system so students can apply for support at any time 24/7. This system sends automated self-help resources specific to a student's mental health issue at point of contact and also out of hours and emergency contact information should a student be at risk. The system includes a risk assessment and any students that flag as high risk will receive a call within an hour from a member of the wellbeing team to check on their safety and make any necessary referrals (this is within 9-5pm weekdays).

We provide free counselling to students with higher levels of need. We offer a mixed model of counselling which enables us to reach and support a higher number of students than a traditional counselling model could offer.

We have a team of advisors who support students with their wellbeing and also ensure they have the educational support they need to continue to engage with their programme. The advisory team supports academic colleagues with advice and guidance as to how to best support students with mental health issues. This team also works with statutory organisations such as GP surgeries, primary and community mental health teams and relevant third sector organisations.

Online self-help

Launched this year, Being Well. Living Well is an online modular resource designed to support students with their transition to university, their mental health and wellbeing, their relationships with fellow students, study-life balance and managing finances.

Togetherall is another online resource free to students which includes courses on managing depression, stress and anxiety. It also includes moderated chat rooms for students to discuss their issues with others learning for their experiences and receiving advice.

Who we are

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