Our Curriculum

Build your skills, broaden your horizons and find your place in the world with our unique curriculum.

The innovative interdisciplinary curriculum at Cardiff School of Art & Design (CSAD) is built upon three core components – Subject, Field and Constellation modules.

These modules inform each other to provide a map of exploration and discovery that creates your own unique journey.

Diagram of CSAD curriculum
Subject: Developing your expertise
Student, Kelly

Your Subject modules immerse you in the histories, methods, concepts and practices of your chosen discipline.

You will be creatively and academically challenged, whilst building on your existing skills by taking part in workshops, tutorials and studio practice projects.

“My subject modules have been my favourites. It’s where I get to hone all my creative skills and learn new ones from my lecturers and workshop technicians. It’s unique to your course so you really get to indulge in your chosen discipline.”

Kelly Sorcha-Handy
BA (Hons) Artist Designer: Maker

Field: Broadening your horizons
Student, Esther

Field modules introduce you to interdisciplinary working. You will develop the skillsets, competencies and abilities to take on different perspectives in order to respond to real world challenges and collaborate on entrepreneurial and civic projects.

These projects are designed to make you look up and around you in collaboration with students from other courses as well as external partners, widening your scope and potential.

“My second year Field module was an amazing experience. It took me out of my comfort zone and helped shape my ideas as a fashion designer.”

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Constellation: Finding your place in the world

Constellation modules develop your academic, research and critical thinking skills.

You will learn how art and design contributes to, and is influenced by, a network of contemporary and historical social, cultural, environmental, technological, and philosophical settings.

Senior Lecturer Sarah Smith explains how Constellation modules provide context and help you find your place in the world.

Student, Chris

Chris blogs on how Constellation modules have made a difference to his practice on the BA (Hons) Illustration course at CSAD.

“Without Constellation, my work would have no foundation. The theory and context behind my work is what gives me and my design purpose.”

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