Our Curriculum

The innovative interdisciplinary curriculum at Cardiff School of Art and Design allows our students to make creative connections beyond their subject area, broadening their horizons through new and varied experiences.

Each year of our undergraduate degree courses is built upon three core components - Subject, Field and Constellation modules:


This is your specialism, where you belong, the home during your time at university.

You'll focus on subject modules that will immerse you in the histories, methods, concepts and practices of your chosen degree.

You will be creatively and academically challenged, whilst building on your existing skills by taking part in workshops, tutorials and studio practice projects.


Field modules introduce you to interdisciplinary working. You will encounter new ideas and experiences from other disciplines through the lens of your chosen subject.

They are designed to make you look up and around you in collaboration with students from other courses, noticing differences and similarities and widening your viewpoint.

There are a variety of projects for you to choose to explore and new experiences to try. You can start to think about the kind of artist, designer, maker or architect you want to be, try out a business idea, work alongside a research project or take a study trip abroad.


These modules introduce you to the broader ideas, theory and contextual studies that sit in relation to your chosen discipline.

You will learn how art and design contributes to, and is influenced by, a network of contemporary and historical social, cultural, environmental, technological, and philosophical settings.

You can choose to study a topic in further depth and produce a range of written/practical work in response.

Typically, students will produce a dissertation, a conference paper, a business plan, or a combination of theory and practice.