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Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate Art Courses

As a postgraduate student at Cardiff School​ of Art and Design (CSAD) you will join a community of postgraduate and research colleagues engaged in leading conceptual and haptic practice Internationally recognised research. 

If you are working towards an advanced career as a practicing studio artist or designer; towards a future as a doctoral researcher or a career in strategic management we have then postgraduate study will help you to recognise and build upon your own strengths and to reset and focus your thinking. Postgraduate study and research should be focussed around you and the direction you want to take your future. We welcome that approach and take your direction as we work with you to help you to focus and enrich your expertise through advanced theoretical, speculative and strategic thinking. 

 Our postgraduate and research courses have been designed to enable you to make choices about how you want your talent and career to develop. We have postgraduate and research opportunities which are designed to enable you to develop your career in research or as a professional practicing artist or designer.