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Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Art Courses at Cardiff Met

At Cardiff School​ of Art and Design (CSAD), our courses have been designed to enable you to make choices about how you want your talent to develop.  You​ can elect a business focus in your work, concentrate on exploring the cutting edge of your subject, or challenge yourself to take your work to new heights and in completely new directions: any and all of these.

We give you the chance to learn advanced level technical skills. We see no reason why a textile student shouldn't learn how to weld, or a fine art student shouldn't learn digital stitch. ​You also get to choose the bigger ideas you would like to examine, in ways that will inform your creative practice.  

At CSAD, we aim to be a community. You will have plenty of opportunity not just to engage with people in your year from all of our courses, but also to work alongside students in other years or on postgraduate and research programmes.  Our studios are open spaces, where you can work as an individual, but come across all kinds of work being developed.​​​

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