Working with businesses and organisations

​​CSAD believes that engagement with external businesses and organisations gives our staff and students an opportunity to learn, challenge themselves, and gain new experiences, whilst contributing to the wider community by sharing the results of world-leading research and technical expertise. ​

There are a number of ways that our staff can work with you – below are just a few examples:

Consultancy and sharing our expertise

Many of our staff work directly with organisations to help address specific challenges. Examples range from the creation of new products and services, developing processes to incorporate new working methods or technologies, establishing new groups and collectives, becoming board members or trustees, and analysing sector developments.

Professional development

Several of our post graduate programmes may be appropriate to your professional development:-

  • Bespoke Training: We can organise bespoke INSET course for teachers or training for organisations in a wide range of art and design subjects from life drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking (using water-based inks and non-toxic chemicals), photography, various IT packages including Illustrator, graphic design, design thinking, sculpture, 3D design, textile design, illustration, poster and comic design and curating skills. To discuss your needs and ideas contact our Research and Enterprise Co-ordinator, Angie Dutton (029 20416628 or

  • Masters programmes: CSAD offers a range of Masters programmes in art and design subjects that encourage participants to explore intellectual and creative territories, enhance their skills and knowledge of cutting edge practices and strengthen existing practices to develop their careers.

  • Professional Doctorate: The Professional Doctorate is a research degree programme, designed around the concept of change agency. Intended for professionals who wish to make a step-change in the way their organization operates, the programme is at the same level as a PhD, but with the objective of developing new professional practice. The Professional Doctorate is also open to lone practitioners who can contribute to professional practice through supervision by a suitably qualified mentor.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Projects bring together businesses with and the University, providing an opportunity for the transfer of knowledge, technology and skills to which the company partner currently has no access. Projects can either take place over 12 to 36 months or in a condensed 6-12 month format. They give business the opportunity to access to academics and their leading edge research that will help them address a clearly defined brief that will help with their business development.

For more information about KTP projects contact Richard Morris, our Director of Enterprise to discuss your needs (020 20 416679 or or visit

Advice to policy makers

Our staff support a range of policy makers from government funded organisations and professional bodies sharing their academic and practical expertise of the art and design sector.

Specialist advice

CSAD’s staff can provide expert advice and support in a very wide range of areas ranging from providing expert witnesses in legal cases in topics such as intellectual property to working with manufacturers, designers and architects, on product, packaging, architectural and sustainability designs, or judging prizes and competitions. Please contact Richard Morris, our Director of Enterprise, to discuss your needs (020 20 416679 or

Sharing Expertise

We can also source funding through initiatives to bring together experts in the field and staff to share their skills and knowledge for the mutual benefit of both partners and our students. To discuss your needs and the options currently available, contact Angie Dutton (029 20416628 or​