Owen Stickler

Screen-shot-2011-06-24-at-11.40.36-150x100.pngSenior Lecturer Animation

e: ostickler@cardiffmet.ac.uk
t: 02920 416169

Areas of Responsibility


  • Pathway leader for L4 Animation, L6 Animation
  • Co-module lead for L4 Constellation Port 1
  • Field L5 - projects:Moving the Museum
  • Tutor L7 Animation and Illustration 


BA (hons) Fine Art



Although my primary subject area is animation, my creative interests are wide. I was educated as a painter and printmaker whilst doing a fine art degree, but film and animation have been a strong influence on my work since I can remember. 

Before my current post at Cardiff Metropolitan University, I worked predominantly in the commercial animation industry. I maintained a consistent involvement and passion for education throughout my career. I have gained a wealth of experience, over 25 years altogether, working with some of the most renowned broadcasters, producers, writers, and creatives in the international children’s entertainment industry. 

Since starting to teach Animation as a subject, I have been amazed by the breadth and ingenuity of the form. It is amazing how animation has permeated into so many other subjects, such as graphics, fine art, illustration and all kinds of design.
My previous roles include: 

2013 -2016 Managing director at A&O Studio’s. 
Responsibilities. Original I.P.Development. 
Directing/Producing animation. 

Training – Creative Producer Training scheme in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan Unversity, Creative Skillset and S4C. 

2013 – 2016.HPL Lecturer on Creative Media Production and Computer Graphics University of South Wales 

2004 – 2013 Managing director at Dinamo Productions. 
Responsibilities. Original I.P.Development. 
Directing/Producing animation. 
Management and Training of Staff. 

1996 – 2003 Director/Producer/Animator/Educator Cinetig LTD. 
Responsibilities. Animator/Director on short film projects. 
Animation Trainer/Educator on Community Animation/Film Projects. 

My involvement in training has led to extensive involvement with professional bodies such as Creative Skillset and Cyfle. I am a member of the Skillset animation skills board and have been a Mentor on the Skillset Creative Provision scheme. I have also worked for Skillset as an industry assessor on their Tick accreditation awards. 

These experiences have afforded me real insight in to academic structures of diverse higher education animation courses. I myself have written and produced training courses including the Creative Producer course run in association with Creative Skillset and Cyfle and CSAD. 

Dinamo Productions were involved in some of the most high profile children’s programmes of the last decade years including ‘Rastamouse’ Grandpa in My Pocket’, ‘Iconicles’ and our own original I.P series ‘Abadas’. My animation production experience covers all aspects from concept development to final delivery.

Awards and Credits

Awards for Direction
‘Fun With Claude’ winner Cartoons in the Bay ‘Pulchinella Award’ 2010 best Preschool Animation.
‘Fun With Claude’ shortlisted for competition in the Annecy Animation Festival 2010.
BAFTA Cymru 2012 – Best Graphics and Titles ‘Byw ynol y Llyfr’.
BAFTA Cymru 2007 - Best Graphics and Titles ‘Double Yellow’.

Animation Director Credits
Series Director: Abadas 2011 - 2012, 52x7min CBeebies, S4C, RTE, Aljazeera, Disney Aus/NZ.
Series Director : Happy Valley series 2. Dinamo Productions, 2009, 32x7min S4C, RTE, Aljazeera.
Series Director : Fun With Claude Dinamo Productions for Dot to Dot Productions. 52x10 2008. Disney Jr, TVO, S4C, ABC Austrailia, ZDF.
Series Director : Happy Valley series 1. Dinamo Productions 2007 20x7min S4C, RTE, Aljazeera.
2004 -2007 – Animation director CNEX satirical animation series Dinamo Productions for S4C.
Animation director O Na Y Morgans live action animation series Dinamo Productions for Apollo and S4C.

Producer Credits
2006-2013 Exec Producer (Dinamo) 'Rastamouse', 'Grandpa in my Pocket, 'Iconicles', 'The Lingo Show'.

Animator Credits
2003 2D CelAction Animator 'The Henries' Dir. Phill Mulloy
2004 2D CelAction Animator 'Love is Strange' Dir. Phill Mulloy
1993 - 96 Animator/Director on diverse pop videos for 'Video 9', Criw byw for S4C