Alistair Burleigh


Alistair Burleigh is a Senior Research Fellow at Cardiff Metropolitan University. He is a multi-skilled artist, designer, researcher, technologist and entrepreneur with high level commercial experience in the digital media and audio-visual industries. He has a keen interest in digital art and a passion for creative thinking, technical innovation, problem solving… and rock climbing.

As an entrepreneur Alistair has co-founded and grown two successful technology companies to date, both of which pushed boundaries at the edge of innovation in visual technologies.

His first venture Wrap3 was a highly successful projection mapping company and delivered creative digital projects for a wide range of functions and prestige clients on a global basis, including the film James Bond Quantum of Solace, Chanel Perfumes and Beauty, Arcadia Group, The United Arab Emirates Pavilion Expo 2010, PICO worldwide, ON:OFF London Fashion week, a top secret project on one of the world’s largest mega yacht’s, luxurious private clients, and more.

Alistair’s second venture developed from research he completed within the Fovolab research group at Cardiff Metropolitan, work that spawned a world leading computer graphics rendering technology now called FovoRender, and led the University to form it’s first spin out company Fovotec to commercialise the research. Fovotec is now partnered with one of the world’s largest real-time computer graphics companies Unity3D.

As a researcher Alistair’s interests include exploring the fusion between physical and digital space, the nature of visual perception, and investigating how best to replicate the true experience of being human with virtual digital technologies. He has co-authored multiple papers collaboratively in these fields and holds several granted patents.

As a creatively minded technologist and entrepreneur Alistair brings a vast multi-disciplinary skillset to Cardiff Metropolitan University - from personal practical workshop skills through digital prototyping and 3D design to computer graphics programming, to bigger picture management and business development skills. He is the technical architect behind Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Perceptual Experience Laboratory and since 2018 he has been seconded to Fovotec as Co-Founder and Technical Director.


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