Ingrid Murphy MA FHEA NTF

Screen-shot-2011-06-14-at-10.44.411-150x100.pngMA FHEA NTF
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ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0993-6310

Specialist Subject Areas

Ceramics: theory & practice, digital fabrication processes, professional practice, visual studies, craft theory, 3D Design, sculpture, augmented reality.


National Teaching Fellow
FHEA Art & Design
MA Ceramics
Post Graduate Diploma Ceramics
Diploma in Design Ceramics


Ingrid Murphy is Academic Lead for Transdisciplinarity at Cardiff School of Art & Design, Ingrid is working with the integration of research and enterprise across the school's learning and teaching curricula and oversees the cross school interdisciplinary modules.  From 2008 -2013 Ingrid led CSAD's ceramic department, from 2011 to 2016 she led the Artist, Designer: Maker course. This innovative cross-disciplinary course focuses on fusing traditional craft skills with new and emerging processes in digital design and fabrication.

In 2013 Ingrid was awarded the University's student led Fellowship for Innovative Teaching and in 2015 she was awarded a National teaching fellowship for her contribution to higher education. Since 2015 Ingrid has led CSAD's applied research group in digital fabrication and associated processes: FabCre8.

A practicing ceramic artist, Ingrid exhibits internationally, and was a recipient of the Arts Council of Wales Creative Wales award for individual practice and was also shortlisted for the Ceramics Biennial Award in 2015, the Indian Ceramic Triennial in 2018, and Art Macau 2021.  In 2018 -19 ACW funded Ingrid's touring solo show of 23  interactive ceramic works entitled 'Seen and Unseen'

Her practice focuses on augmenting ceramic artefacts with a range of interactive technologies, exploiting the material characteristics of ceramics to create innovative interactions and experiences.

In 2018 Ingrid was selected for the British Councils Living Research project to investigate Maker culture in in China, in 2019 she received further funding to return to China to investigate the role of maker culture in interdisciplinary education.

Ingrid has a studio in France where she practices and also runs and develops co-learning projects with students.

Current research

Co-Investigator on the AHRC Creative Cluster project:  Clwstwr. This is a five-year programme focussed on research and development  to create new products, services and experiences for screen-based industries in South Wales. This involves working with a broad range of companies to develop and deliver R&D projects, examples include developing learning platforms for drama,  enhancing screen-based performance for the visually impaired,  reshaping the gig experience-  innovations in live virtual / physical performance, and geo located storytelling.

Creator EASTNDC: A Creative Europe Project 2017-2022 which brings together 16 institutions involved in research, technological development, creation and education in the field of technologies applied to artistic creation.  

Practice Led Research: Investigating how new technologies influence how we conceive, produce and perceive a crafted object. Producing a series of interactive ceramics works using sensors/actuators and electro-mechanical devices to exploit the physical characteristics of ceramic objects.

Pedagogic Research: Interdisciplinary curricula, technology enhanced learning, blended learning environments for Hyflex learning. Using real and virtual tools to assist learning in making processes

Awarded National Teaching Fellowship to develop the Meta-Objects Project : A collection of interactive objects which use AR and NFC devices to facilitate learning and link material, process and making databases

Leader of the FabCre8 research centre at Cardiff School of Art & Design, the centre focuses on applied research in the use of digital fabrication processes for multidisciplinary applications.

Principal Publications, Exhibitions and Awards

View Ingrid’s papers and publications on Cardiff Metropolitan University’s DSpace repository.

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0993-6310


Murphy I 2017 Beyond Facture. Emerging Technology and Contemporary Art: What is 21st Century Craft?  College Art Association Annual Conference New York City Feb 15th  2017

I.Murphy  2017 Metamaking and Me. The Ceramics Reader Eds Petrie, K, Livingstone, A. Bloomsbury UK ISBN 9781472584427


07-09 /2021 SandX Project, Art Macua 21, Macua China

06-09/20 Language of Clay Brewery Arts Centre, Cirencester, England UK

09/19-02/20 Cultural Icons, British Ceramics Biennial, Stoke on Trent & Hove Museum  curated by Tessa Peters, funded by Arts Council of England

09/19  Digital Design Weekend, V&A Museum, London.

11/18-07/19    Touring solo show: 'Seen and Unseen" Venues: Ruthin Craft Centre, Mission Gallery & Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Funded by Arts Council Wales

08/18    Breaking Ground, Indian Ceramics Triennial, JKK Museum Jaipur, India.

11/17    Touchstone Ceramics Ireland, National Centre for Craft, Kilkenny Ireland

08/16    Commission for Carmarthen Museum, West Wales

09/15    British Ceramics Biennial Award Exhibition, Stoke on Trent, UK                                

01/15    Sensorial Object  Craft in the Bay, Cardiff  Oriel Q, Wales

08/14    Reclaim/Repurpose Exhibition Culture Craft Legacy Project, Derry Ireland    

04/12     Beyond Borders Art Xchange Gallery, Seattle Washington USA

Conference Papers

2016 :NCECA Conference, Kansas City
Type: Conference paper
Reference: Meta-Making and me. A paper base on NTF project and practice led research.

2015 The Campanoligist’s Tea Cup
British Ceramics Biennial/ Making Futures Conference Plymouth
Type: Exhibition / Conference Paper to be published 2016
Reference: BCB Award Exhibition , Stoke on Trent, UK

2015 ‘Meta-Making and Me’
Reference: Essay for forthcoming Ceramics Reader : Edited by A. Livingstone and K. Petrie Link: Under review

2015 Teaching in Higher Education
Type: Journal Paper
Reference: Ceramics Studio to Podiatry Clinic`: The impact of multi-media resources in the teaching of practical skills across diverse disciplines.
Ruth Matheson, Ian Matheson and Ingrid Murphy
Link: Under review

2014 International Academy of Ceramics Conference
Type: Conference paper
Reference: Paper on The Future Of Ceramics
Link: Under review

National Council For Education in Ceramic Arts , 45th Annual Conference,Tampa Florida USA. Paper Presentation Murphy.I, Mayo .N, ‘Ceramics in Virtual Learning’ 2011

STLHE Conference 2010, Toronto, Canada ” Murphy.I, Mayo .N “Teaching material arts through post-material means. 2010

Designs on E Learning Conference 2010 Savannah School of Art & Design Paper Presentation N.Mayo I Murphy 2010

Research Informed teaching National Conference 2010 Staffordshire University Paper Presentation N Mayo, I Murphy 2010

International Perspectives n Art & Design Pedagogy 2010, Leeds University Paper presentation N. Mayo, I.Murphy 2010

NAITRL CELT 4th Annual Conference 2010 Galway University Ireland “Creative Thinking Re-imagining the University,” Paper Presentation Murphy.I, Matheson. R “Experience is learning. Everything else is information” 2010

ISSOTL 2010: Global Theories and Local Practices. International conference, (Oct 2010)Paper presentation Matheson R, Mathieson I & Murphy I ‘ Transcending disciplines; students’ perceptions of the use of on-line learning objects to develop skills, promote interaction and enhance the student learning experience,’ 2010

CERAMICS SYMPOSIUM 2004, University of Glamorgan Paper presentation I.Murphy ‘Practice in Context’ 2004

Arts Council of Wales 1st Annual Conference 2003, Brangwyn Hall. Paper presentation I.Murphy ‘The Wild West’ 2003


Murphy, I (2018) 'Of All Things Seen and Unseen',  Breaking Ground Symposium,  Indian Ceramics Triennial, Jaipur 

Murphy, I  (2019) 'Seen and Unseen',  International Ceramics Festival, Aberystywyth

Murphy, I (2019) 'From Pots to Pixels', The Creative Process,  the  Learning Partnership, Warwick University

Murphy, I (2020) 'From Pots to Pixels', The Creative Process,  the  Learning Partnership & Emmanuel Centre London, March 2020

'Cultural Icons' Focus Day- Potteries Museum Stoke on Trent,  21st September 2019


Awards for Individual Practice

2010 Creative Wales Award, Arts Council Wales

2007 “Prix Select” – A.I.R. Vallauris Fetes Picasso France

2005 University of Glamorgan Purchase Prize Ceramics