Dr Jon Pigott PhD, MA, PGCE, HND, fHEA

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Specialist Subject Areas

Sound sculpture, sound art and kinetic art, science and technology studies, material processes and digital fabrication, electronic systems.




Jon Pigott is an artist, researcher and academic whose work explores sound, materials, systems and (occasionally) place. His practice based research draws in histories and theories of sound art, kinetic sculpture and technology as well as various making processes including digital fabrication and hand made electronics. These themes informed Jon's PhD, titled Materials, Systems and Autonomy in Electromechanical Sound Art, awarded by Bath Spa University in 2017. Jon leads the Artist Designer Maker degree programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University within the School of Art and Design, teaching across a range of three dimensional media, making processes and technologies. His written publications, like his artworks, often draw together themes from science and technology studies with artistic practices.

Prior to entering academia Jon worked in the music and audio industry where he became technical manager of Real World Studios, helping to bring numerous high profile music and film projects to fruition.

Jon has exhibited and published work internationally both in a solo and collaborative context.

Current research

European Art Science Technology Network (EASTN-DC) creative partner http://www.eastn.eu

FABCRE8 dissemination event at Cardiff Metropolitan University and ongoing collaborations https://fabcre8.wordpress.com

Principal Publications and/or Exhibitions

Pigott, J. 2019. 'Material Systems: kinetic sound art and STS'. In Borgdorff, H., Peters, P. and Pinch, T. (eds.), 2019. Dialogues Between Artistic Research and Science and Technology Studies. London / New York, Routledge.

Pigott, J. 2017. Across Fields: sound, art and technology from an electromechanical perspective. Organised Sound 22(2) p276-285. https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/organised-sound

Pigott, J. and Lyons, A. 2017. 'The Aliveness Machines'. In Bastian, M., Jones, O., Moore, N., and Roe, E., (eds) 2017 Participatory Research in More-Than-Human Worlds. London / New York. Routledge. https://www.routledge.com/Participatory-Research-in-More-than-Human-Worlds/Bastian-Jones-Moore-

Pigott, J. and Murphy, I. 2016. The Campanologists Teacup: a creative collaboration of technology and making. Making Futures Journal Vol 4. Available online:  http://makingfutures.plymouthart.ac.uk/2015/journal-home/


2019 - Borealis Festival of Sound Art, Bergen, Norway. Speaker Park

2019 / 2018 - Ruthin Craft Centre Denbighshire; Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre Cwmbran; Mission Gallery Swansea; Aberystwyth Arts Centre Aberystwyth. The Ceramophone and The Campanologists Tea Cup (collaborative with Ingrid Murphy)

2017 – Kinetica, London. Electromagnetic Interrogations

2015 – British Ceramics Biennale, Stoke-on-Trent. The Campanologist's Tea Cup (collaborative with Ingrid Murphy).

2014 – The Sensorial Object, Cardiff. The Campanologist's Tea Cup (collaborative with Ingrid Murphy).