Laura Lillie MA

laura-lillie-150px.jpgTechnician Demonstrator (Paint)


t:02920 416657

Areas of Responsibility

Painting; stretcher making; panels and painting substrates; printmaking; image transfer; mixed media; plaster modelling and casting; latex moulding; encaustic/wax application; paint making; exhibition/display, small-scale sculpture construction


MA Ceramics, BA (Hons) Fine Art


Laura Lillie is Technician Demonstrator for Painting and Mixed Media, specialising in cross-disciplinary ways of working. A graduate of Cardiff School of Art and Design, she has a BA in Fine Art Printmaking (2010) and an MA in Ceramics (2012). In the years preceding her role at CSAD, she has worked as a technician within a school and further education college (Bristol and Stroud respectively); run evening classes; provided workshop cover; delivered printmaking courses at various arts collectives and undertaken editioning and illustration commissions. She has worked with artists including the printmaker Dan Welden in America, delivering workshops in non-toxic etching techniques; and has printed editions for the sculptor Peter Randall Page. Predominantly straddling sculpture and printmaking, her own practice centres on themes surrounding the status and agency of physical objects framed within domestic and public spaces. Interrogating process, scale, and context, works often employ materials associated with facsimile production. Consequently, materials including plaster, latex, clay slip, alginate and wax often feature in the workshop - as well as pigments, paints, and mediums. Laura’s current research interests include sustainable art practices, the use of local resources including lake pigments, biomaterials, and closed-loop life cycles.