Laura Lillie MA



With a BA in Fine Art, an MA in Ceramics and a background in printmaking, I have a cross-disciplinary and materials-focused approach to making, within Fine Art Painting. In terms of my own work I am interested in collections, the nature and physicality of art making itself, and the ways in which object and process interrelate.

Leading practical masterclasses of a professional, technical and ideas-based nature has become a real passion, and in the past seven years I have had the privilege of working with diverse age ranges within a variety of educational contexts and independent organisations. I have previously worked in technician roles on a Foundation course in Gloucestershire, a school in Bristol and as a graduate and cover technician at Cardiff School of Art and Design. Outside these realms I have worked and travelled with artists including Dan Welden and Peter Randall-Page on projects, commissions and workshops, all of which have shaped the way I think about art and design in its broadest sense. I enjoy working with others – artists and art students alike – to achieve practical understanding, and to encourage a way of thinking through engaging with process.