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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

Working in partnership, we can help you make that strategic step change.

Here are some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Improving existing products
  • Developing new products
  • Streamlining manufacturing processes
  • Implementing new business strategies
  • Expanding into new markets

If you need to access knowledge and skills to undertake a strategic project which will enable you to develop and grow your business, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) could be for you.

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Information for Businesses

What is a KTP Programme?

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme has been running for over 40 years and is one of UK's leading programmes helping businesses access expertise and resources available within universities. The UK-wide programme is part funded by several organisations including Government, research councils and charities.

A KTP is a partnership between a company, university and a graduate (Associate) who work together to deliver a strategic project for the business which the company would be unable to do without the knowledge and expertise provided by the University.

More information can be found out about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships on the funders website here: https://www.ktp-uk.org/

What can a KTP do for your business?​

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships enable companies to access resources and expertise they need to innovate, grow and improve their performance. KTP is a cost effective way to help your organisation:

  • ​Access technological, scientific or management expertise to enable your business to undertake a strategic project
  • Access highly qualified people to lead new projects
  • Develop innovative solutions to help your business grow
  • Access specialist equipment and facilities

How much does it cost?

The government sponsor will meet 67% of the costs of a KTP with an SME, with the organisation contributing the remaining 33%; for a large company the grant rate is 50%. The total cost (approximately £24,000) of a KTP to the organisation amounts to less than recruiting a graduate directly, plus the company benefits from the input of professional and technical expertise of the university, and the use of university facilities.

In Wales, the Welsh Government has announced that they will contribute to 75% towards the total costs of KTP projects for Welsh SMEs that meet the eligibility criteria and are approved for participation in the KTP programme.  This would mean that eligible businesses in Wales would now only have to contribute 25% rather than the usually expected 33%.  This equates a reduction in company contribution from c. £24k p.a. to c. £18k p.a.

Is my company eligible?

Private sector, third sector and some public sector organisations are eligible for KTP. The company:

  • ​Must have at least four employees
  • Must have been running for at least two years
  • KTP proposals from large companies (over 250 employees) should seek to facilitate the involvement of SMEs within their supply chain
  • Public sector organisations are required to demonstrate effective dissemination of the project outcomes to other organisations similar to themselves elsewhere in the UK

The company will need to supply the last two year's audited accounts and latest period management accounts to facilitate assessment of liquidity and profitability to confirm that the company can 'afford' the cost of the KTP.

How long is a KTP Programme?

A KTP lasts for anything between 12 and 36 months, depending on the extent of knowledge transfer required. ​

What can Cardiff Metropolitan University offer?

Cardiff Metropolitan University has academic expertise spanning a broad range of subject areas residing in our schools and research units:

  • Cardiff School of Art and Design
  • Cardiff School of Management
  • Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy
  • Cardiff School of Sport & Health Sciences
  • Cardiff School of Technologies
  • PDR – International Centre for Design & Research
  • Food Industry Centre
  • Fablab

The University has the professional and technical expertise to help companies develop their business potential, including:

  • Refining existing products, or designing new products
  • Opening new markets, for new or existing products
  • Improving business, marketing or manufacturing systems
  • Cutting costs and waste to run the business more efficiently

Once we have defined your needs we identify two or more academics who transfer their technical expertise, research and innovation to the company via the Associate, spending on average half a day per week supporting the programme.

The KTP process? ​

Cardiff Metropolitan University have a five step KTP process which can be viewed by following the link below:

Five Step KTP Process

Information for potential KTP A​ssociates

What is a KTP Associate?

The KTP Associate will manage the project, jointly supervised by the business and University supervisors.

Benefits of becoming a KTP Associate

These include:

  • Fast track career development
  • A competitive salary
  • Employment within chosen academic discipline
  • Working with both academia and industry
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Register for a higher degree during the projects
  • Access to a wide range of Cardiff Mets facilities

KTP Associate Vacancies

KTP Associate vacancies are advertised throughout the year on they can also be accessed by viewing the Innovate UK Graduate Vacancies page​.

Innovate UK funding page