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EntAct - SeedFund
The EntAct Seed Fund is designed for students and graduates who have a developed idea for a business or social enterprise. You will be ready to start or grow your business or social enterprise. While you may not be generating significant revenue yet, you will either have test traded, made some initial sales or you will have developed an MVP and started to validate your idea.

We've designed the application process to mimic the process of applying for more serious funding, so yes it will take some work, but every document we ask for will be useful to you. If you need support with your application we'd love to hear from you - our job is to support you! (entrepreneurship@cardiffmet.ac.uk)

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The EntAct Seed Fund is for a fixed amount of £500. You can apply more than once, but a maximum of two funds will be awarded to any business/individual.

Who can apply?

The seed fund is open to current students (Undergraduate and Post Graduate) and recent graduates (within 2 years). Applicants must also satisfy at least one of the following criteria;

Have attended at least one qualifying activities from the Centre for Entrepreneurship. This includes the following (other events may apply);


Currently are, or have been an active member of the Enactus Team or Venture Society.

Have attended a business development program or engaged with relevant CPD and can demonstrate a commitment to self development.


Have started trading and have attended a 1 to 1 support session with the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

What can you apply for?

The use of the funds must be specified in the application. You can apply for specific expenditure which will help you to progress with your business. This may include the registration of IP, marketing costs, test trading costs, specialist equipment etc. We are unlikely to fund generic IT equipment or training courses.

Grants are awarded on a first come first served basis and are judged on the quality of the application. There are a limited number of awards available and applications will close once all funding has been allocated. To enter you will need to provide the following documentation.

Business One Pager (1 Side A4)
Business Model Canvas
Basic Video Elevator Pitch. (This can just be a recording of you talking about your business).
Detail of proposed spending, with quotes and justification (1 Side A4)

Apply here.

If you require further assistance with your application please email entrepreneurship@cardiffmet.ac.uk

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