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Support for Academics

​Helping to build an ​enriched ​curriculum.

We believe students can develop entrepreneurial competencies through or as part of their discipline.

How do we support academic colleagues to do this?

We contribute to learning and teaching across all five academic schools. We build our understanding of the programme, then tailor support appropriately. It’s a holistic approach where support for programme development and the nurturing of entrepreneurial competencies is combined. We are able to deliver from our ‘ready to go’ menu of sessions or connect colleagues with a network of entrepreneurial role models, but our long-term endeavour is to collaborate through discipline related themes. We believe in supporting future societal value makers and innovators through authentic learning aligned to the Cardiff Met EDGE.

What is enterprise and entrepreneurship education?

Enterprise and entrepreneurship education are recognised as two ends of a scale; the first ‘enterprise education’ is about enhancing and surfacing an ability to solve problems, identify opportunities and act upon opportunities. Whereas ‘entrepreneurship education’ is about a student’s ability and knowhow to deliver on an opportunity in a considered way that creates sustainable employment for themselves or others.

Who are we?

The Centre for Entrepreneurship’s capable team promotes entrepreneurship through curricular, extra-curricular or startup endeavours. Members of the team have experience in startup, generating awareness of entrepreneurship, enterprise education, sustainability, curriculum development, business engagement, research and influencing policy.

Are you interested in research?

Scholarly and startup research enables the practical development of students here at Cardiff Met. We are always on the lookout for research collaboration and pedagogical case studies. We can collaborate on related research, or champion colleagues’ work across the University or to the wider HE Sector. We are interested in the development of practical support for students in creating survivable enterprises and the associated development of teaching practices.

Would you like to know more?

Have a read about what the Quality Assurance Agency and the European Commission say about developing an enterprise enriched curriculum?

Each academic school has an Enterprise Champion. They are the first point of contact to discuss support or direct colleagues appropriately.

Enterprise Champions