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Who we are

Centre for Entrepreneurship Logo

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and our staff are part of a resilient, active, and engaged community. Our mission is to empower you to recognise and develop opportunities to create value.​

Our Vision

We will inspire entrepreneurs to make an impact locally, nationally, and globally through the creation of social, cultural and financial value.

We will act as a catalyst in the creation of new sustainable organisations, giving founders the confidence and practical skills to create value in their ideas. We will be nationally recognised for this activity.

Every student will have the opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and we will facilitate this by working collaboratively with academic colleagues to support entrepreneurship education, which is engaging, empowering and research led.​

We will contribute to the generation and application of world leading research so that the university is recognised as a centre of excellence in entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurship creativity, and innovation.


Manifesto of the Centre for Entrepreneurship

Article 1
You define success, it is not defined by us, the market or the “powers that be.” We believe that being happy is an essential part of being successful. So, whether you want to freelance for a bit of extra income, set up a charity that saves lives or be the next Elon Musk, we will treat your success as being equally important.

Article 2
We believe that the world can be a better place, and that by taking action we can achieve this – this is what we mean by entrepreneurship. We do not underestimate this challenge, which is why we will challenge you and ourselves to disrupt business as usual.

Article 3
Our community is open, diverse, positive, and welcoming; it is open to people of every sex, sexuality, race, colour, and religion. Rudeness and negative attitudes are not welcome. We will always treat you with respect, and we expect you to return the favour. This does not mean that we will always agree with you, or that you will always agree with us – feedback is one of the most valuable things a person can give or receive. 

Article 4 
Entrepreneurship is a craft that takes practice to master, it is underpinned by fundamental skills that can be taught and experienced.

Article 5
Writing a business plan is NOT entrepreneurship. While the ability to write a business plan is a useful management tool, management and entrepreneurship are different disciplines. Writing a business plan does not prepare you to run a business, nor can it assess an individual’s entrepreneurial capability. Innovation and entrepreneurship, by their very nature, change the future - making a business plan obsolete.

Article 6
Profit puts food in our bellies, positive change puts fire in our bellies. Entrepreneurship creates social, cultural and financial value, it does not merely move money from one place to another. Commercial awareness and financial literacy are essential tools in the creation of value.

Article 7
Action without thought is dangerous. Thought without action is pointless. 

The Centre is part funded through the kind support of the Welsh Government and Big Ideas Wales. Funding for Start-ups and competitions is provided by Santander Universities.​