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Teaching Welsh is a vocation. It requires excellent subject knowledge, a passion for the subject and a deep understanding of the pedagogies. This will enable you to enhance and develop our learners’ use of the Welsh language on their personal journey as emerging and fluent Welsh speakers. You will be expected to be a positive role model in your use of Welsh and your enthusiasm for the language. You will be instrumental in supporting learners in nurturing their love of the language and the opportunity to become part of a million Welsh speakers in 2050.

Key Information

Available to study in English and Welsh

1 year full-time

Priority Subject Incentive Bursary

Iaith Athrawon Yfory Incentive Scheme

Welsh in Education Teacher Retention Bursary

For entry requirements, pre-entry tests and how to apply, visit the PGCE Secondary course page.

About PGCE Welsh

In the PGCE Secondary Welsh programme, you will be offered the opportunity to experience teaching Welsh in the English medium and Welsh medium sectors. This will allow you to diversify in both sectors, or specialise in one.

You will also be able to work with other curriculum subjects such as English and MFL, sharing expertise in developing language, culture, identity and love of Literature. You will leave the programme equipped with the skills to develop the Welsh speakers of the future and with an excellent career path ahead of you.

Finally, the PGCE Welsh programme offers leading research informed training and support that will allow you to flourish in our outstanding Cardiff Partnership schools. Research underpins our programme, allowing you to develop your own ideas and theories which will lead to an exciting and unique teaching career.

Reputation & Teaching Excellence

The PGCE Welsh programme is highly regarded by schools, leaders and teachers in Wales. University sessions are fun, collaborative, and challenging. Educational research is skilfully weaved throughout the programme to challenge and expand your thinking. Guest speakers from Partnership schools, regional consortia and external organisations such as WJEC subject specialists, Welsh mentors, past PGCE students and experienced practitioners are invited to enrich and enhance the taught provision.

Employability & Careers

Career prospects of Welsh teachers graduating from the Cardiff Partnership is extremely positive. All PGCE Welsh graduates historically secure full-time work immediately after completing the PGCE programme and many continue to quickly progress into middle and senior management roles. The demand for Welsh teachers is exceptionally high and Welsh student teachers are often offered their choice of roles across multiple schools in Wales!

Welsh is also recognised as a priority subject by the Welsh Government, and so all successful graduates will receive a £15,000 bursary while you train in Wales for Welsh and meet eligibility criteria.

What’s the best way to prepare for studying a PGCE in Welsh?

Develop and refine your subject knowledge. In the first instance, look to complete a selection of WJEC GCSE past papers. Can you remember how you were taught to use specific grammar points such as mutations, for example? Are there other methods that you might not be unaware of? If so, do some research online and trial these teaching methods before embarking on your teaching journey!

Once you have satisfied yourself with GCSE papers, make sure that you look both up, down and across the Welsh continuum. Can you remember how to introduce a new poem to a Year 12 student? Equally importantly, would you know how to navigate a conversation with a Year 7 pupil who asks, “Why do we say that?”? An effective Welsh teacher is a person who is has a firm subject knowledge and can transfer this to their learners with fun, clarity and enthusiasm.

Practical experience within the classroom will give you recent and relevant experience and will enable you to see the developments in Welsh teaching since your time in school. Support working as LSAs or organising observation opportunities are really useful and will give you a flavour of the reality of learning and teaching Welsh.

Inspiring the next generation with PGCE Secondary Welsh at Cardiff Met

“Last summer, after completing my degree in Welsh I decided to apply for the Welsh Secondary PGCE Welsh course. I have enthusiasm for the language and I was keen to pass on my skills, pride and expertise to the future generation. Although it has been challenging it has been rewarding too. The pride I feel in being able to say that I am a teacher is worth every late night of planning.”

Phoebe Ann Lewis, PGCE Secondary (Welsh)

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The Secondary PGCE encourages you to use the Welsh language and to feel confident

“What is special about studying the course through the medium of Welsh is the provision and support. It doesn’t matter what your Welsh ability is, that support is there for you and to ensure that you feel confident. We have refresher sessions and sessions with tutors to ensure that our Welsh is of a high standard.”

Lloyd Macey, PGCE Secondary (Welsh)

Course Highlights

Senior Lecturer Gina Morgan introduces the PGCE Secondary Welsh degree at Cardiff Met.

Meet the Team

For further information about the programme please contact Gina Morgan, PGCE Secondary Welsh Programme Leader at

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